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Disappearing Taro Harvey and Cedric Glover

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Oh Cedric, you got some ‘splaining to do!

As I blogged about 2 days ago and so did My Bossier, Mayor Cedric Glover had some interesting donations from Section 8 housing residents Taro Harvey, Francine Campbell, and Theresa Mays. $7500 to be exact – and that pissed me off.

Now it gets even more interesting. Apparently 2 days after the initial report was filed, on October 4th, the Glover campaign filed a new report to supersede the original. Guess what names were missing? That’s right – the 3 residents from the Cooper Road Plaza plus an additional person.

Granted, it could have been a mistake on the original. I’m sure it’s just a┬ácoincidence that the 3 Section 8 people were also on the Glover campaign’s payroll.

However, it’s very odd to say the least. Of course, there has been nothing said from Mayor Cedric Glover or his campaign. I know they are aware of this issue, since many of the Glover supporters are friends of mine and Jim Wells on Facebook. I also find it interesting that KTBS hasn’t checked into this either. Gerry May is a friend of mine on Facebook as well.

credit: www.truthaboutglover.com

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Taro Section 8 and $7500

How does someone, such as Taro Harvey, who lives in Section 8 housing afford to donate $2500 to any candidate? How does his wife Francine Campbell, who lives in the same apartment, also afford to donate $2500? How does another neighbor in the same Cooper Road Plaza afford to donate $2500 also?

(Thanks to www.truthaboutglover.com and the Bryan Wooley campaign for pointing this out.)

Of course, it’s not secret that I’m not a fan of Shreveport Mayor Cedric Glover – Mr. Your Rights are Suspended. This issue goes a little deeper than the typical politics though. I don’t care about whether these 3 individuals have the right to donate to a candidate of their choice.

What I care about is the fact that my tax dollars are helping put a roof over their heads in government housing, but they can collectively spend $7500 on a mayoral campaign? Hell no.

credit to www.truthaboutglover.com

I want to know what the qualifications are for Section 8 housing. I’m all about free speech, but give me a break. If you can afford to give that much money just to get your picture taken with the mayor, then you can afford to find somewhere to live on your own.

source: http://www.truthaboutglover.com/WordPress/?p=135