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Slavery to Occupy Wallstreet

by rex October 13, 2011 occupy
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Apparently, the Occupy Wallstreet gang didn’t get the talking points memo. You CAN’T use the word “slavery” unless you are talking about slaves – and specifically the slaves from America 200 years ago. Especially Rand Paul – that’s a no no. What is it with these Occupy Wallstreeters anyway? The hypocrisy here knows no bounds […]

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Saving Prisoners

by rex March 27, 2011 crime
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Well if we get away from the stupid rhetoric and look at the facts, it makes things a little easier. The US prison population has skyrocketed since the 80’s. Why you ask? Primarily because of mandatory sentencing guidelines that were all the rage of elected officials voted in – on both sides of the aisle. […]

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Chinese Social Justice and Stability

by rex February 20, 2011 China
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You know – it’s a funny thing how the buzz words used by liberal progressives always tend to show up around Communist regimes. They (the left) try to paint conservatives as totalitarian philosophers, but those pesky facts always get in the way. Take a look at the recent unrest in the middle east, and now we […]

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