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Because they got high

Well the next 24 hours could be interesting.

I got word from an anonymous source today that there may be some interesting court documents released apparently implicating a couple of very high-ranking Shreveport officials in marijuana use with a local attorney. There are also potential pot purchases from the same officials. It appears this was related to a divorce proceeding.

At this point, I don’t want to publish any names yet until the documents are released, but stay tuned. This could turn very interesting very quickly. Get ready for the sparks since I think it’s still a crime around here.

Glover loves fiber

Apparently Cedric “Your Rights are Suspended” Glover thinks Google is going to vote in the Shreveport Mayor’s Race this fall. Rather than doing something innovative for Google’s Community Fiber project, he simply did a campaign speech. How lame.

Oh yeah, the next time you are trying to bring fiber into the area – you might not want to focus on existing fiber networks such as LONI.

In case you didn’t know, Google had a competition for Google Fiber. You may not be aware that Google owns vast amounts of “dark fiber” – unused fiber optic cable run preceding the .com Bust of the late 1990’s. Google also sees a huge benefit in pushing telcos and cable companies to spend money on better infrastructure and give us real connectivity. The more content we can consume and search for – the better Google does.

Prediction (quoting the Soup Nazi): No fiber for Shreveport – 1 year!

edit: Ok – I will at least give Mayor Cedric Glover credit for trying something. It was still a lame attempt though.