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A Wooley Race Card

This race issue has gone completely out of control. Anyone ever hear of a self-fulfilling prophesy?

I don’t have enough room on this site to make race cards for everyone who jumped the shark on the Bryan Wooley Cooper Road event. Of course¬†Calvin Lester had it rolling on Facebook. Even Jim Wells got in on the bandwagon, although he didn’t play the race card.

Worse yet, young Parker Ward jumped way over the shark and immediately declared it “racist move” in an email sent to the Times and on his Facebook page. Oops.

Now, I’m the first to admit that this was a dumb move by the Wooley campaign. It only serves as fodder for the opposition who will place the race card immediately. Wooley should have seen that coming a mile away. Pure stupidity.

Wings and More owner Jeremy Savannah said the idea was his and another Wooley supporter in the neighborhood. The food included hamburgers and ribs, organizers said. — KTBS.com

However, the whole event was apparently organized by…wait for it…wait…local area residents!

chicken wings and limo's are now racist!

Since when is eating chicken wings racist? What, are we supposed to ban chicken billboard advertising from Shreveport since it’s over 50% black? Come on, by the logic of the people attacking Wooley, that’s racist! No more ads showing blacks eating chicken.

Did anyone consider that a local limo business and Wings & More benefited financially from this?

PS: I’m not from Shreveport; however, I haven’t seen anything impressive about Bryan Wooley. Anything is better than Glover, though.

UPDATE: Looks like there was a little fun at the Shreveport City Council meeting with Joe Lee. While I dont agree with the race cards played by everyone on this – I gotta give Lee credit. His speech was good and he looked Wooley in the eyes. Awesome.

Cedric Glover Suspending Rights and Google

Well, it’s been about 9 months since I first posted about Shreveport mayor Cedric Glover’s infamous “your rights are suspended” comments. The situation was covered by KTBS channel 3 when Cedric Glover tried to say his comments were “left to interpretation” – even though the full context of the audio and a transcript were posted. I even posted the police car video as proof of exactly what happened. Tom Gresham’s Gun Talk Magazine, KTBS, and even Moon Griffon also covered the story.

It’s taken on a life of it’s own. Just this week, the Shreveport Times ran a letter to the editor concerning the story. Much of the website traffic generated is now coming in from email links. That means that it is beyond the blogosphere and will now circulate indefinitely.

The cool thing is that as of right now, this site ranks #1 in Google for the search term “cedric glover” – that is awesome and just goes to prove that relevant content is king. It ranks #5 for if you search for “shreveport mayor

Am I out to “get Cedric Glover”? Absolutely not. Am I out to make sure this information is public? You bet. Mayor Cedric Glover was dead wrong then and is absolutely still wrong now.

Any candidate running in the 2010 Shreveport Mayoral race should just simply play sound bites of “your rights are suspended” over and over. I will gladly provide the audio with no restrictions – and I’m quite sure Robert Baillio would have no problem as well.

Is this bad publicity for Shreveport? Some would say so, but I would suggest it actually bringing to light some of the bad policies in place at the core of Shreveport’s government. Again, I would rather have the information out in the open where citizens can make informed decisions.