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The Nat Thickens

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The story about St. Helena parish Sheriff Nat Williams and his treatment of legally armed citizens as criminals – just got a little more interesting.

…after hearing more on the story (white people patrolling, complaints from black people about the patrol, then Sheriff Williams said what he said), he’s inclined to believe the reporter on this one. — Tom Gresham via Facebook

Let’s take a look at some background on this situation. According to the article “Residents on Patrol”, written by Faimon Roberts, the citizens are doing their duty to protect their property.

One Sixth Ward resident did just that when he saw people breaking into his cousin’s house.

“I went and got some help, and we held them until the cops got there,” said Alvin D. “Pee Wee” Thompson Jr.

Thompson said that he was not armed, but that one of the men with him was armed.

Apparently, after meeting with parish officials, the citizen patrols have had a positive impact. The group was warned by Chester Pritchett, St. Helena Parish chief criminal deputy, that you “can’t just arbitrarily shoot someone” and that “deadly force has to be warranted.”

If you can live with what you did, I think the law is going to protect you…But you’ve got to use some judgment in these cases.–Assistant District Attorney Richard McShan

From that situation, we jump forward to where apparently Sheriff Nat isn’t quite so comfortable with the parish citizens doing their job. The same reporter, Faimon Roberts, wrote the article with infamous quote which was picked up by Gresham on his radio program and on Facebook.

First, the NRA fired off this letter to him. Uh-oh.

Then, according to Tom Gresham via Facebook, the good sheriff called “furious”, stated that he never spoke to the reporter, and the story was made up. Then he apparently blathered something about his son in Afghanistan carrying assault weapons. Huh?

Sounds like someone trying some CYA to me – kind of like Shreveport Mayor Cedric Glover and suspending rights. When you get caught saying something moronic, try to deny your way out of it.

Now, Tom has spoken to the reporter from The Advocate, and based on Tom’s Facebook post – he’s sticking to his story.

So what say you now Sheriff Nat?


Threatened by Nat

sheriff nat williams - will arrest gun owners

Thanks to Tom Gresham’s Gun Talk Radio for alerting me to this story. It seems that Sheriff Nat Williams of St. Helena Parish has taken it upon himself to declare war on gun-owners.

“As far as them riding around with an assault rifle, it will not be tolerated,” he said. “Somebody with an assault weapon is no different from a criminal and will be treated the same way.” — Sheriff Nat Williams

Say that again?

In the first place, a true assault weapon, by definition, is fully automatic. That requires a Class III tax stamp for normal citizens so it’s doubtful anyone is actually riding around with an assault weapon – except maybe the criminals themselves.

Now, to be fair, it appears that there has been a string of burglaries in the 6th Ward of the parish. Some residents have started patrols looking out for crime through a newly formed group, Community Watch. Sheriff Nat Williams seems to trying to prevent vigilante justice.

“Anybody want to ride around their own community, that’s fine, call us,” Williams said. “But any assault weapons, they’re going to jail.”

Apparently, Mr. Intelligent LEO is just mixing up terms for convenience. If he catches someone with an illegal assault weapon and no Class III license, then sure – arrest ’em.

If he is referring to a semi-automatic rifle such as an AR-15, then apparently he forgot that thing is sworn to uphold – the law. In Louisiana THE LAW allows me to carry an AR-15 in my vehicle or even open carry around town if I like.

Louisiana Open Carry and Concealed Carry Information

Maybe I need to travel through there on my way to the state YHEC practice next weekend – with my loaded AR-15 which is not an assault weapon.

Stupid Sheriff.