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Golden Ruled Out

by rex January 29, 2012 election 2012

I’ve posted before about my stance on Ron Paul. I agree with just about all of his positions. However, his comment at the South Carolina debate was just off the chart – bad. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not a war-monger and don’t believe we need to attack nations for no reason. I also don’t […]

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The GOPers – Gun Stances

by rex January 10, 2012 election 2012
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As most of you know, one of my first checks on a politician is their stance on gun control. Why? It relates directly to a politician’s stance on the 2nd Amendment – and that tells us how a candidate will treat other civil rights issues. If a politician will abuse the 2nd Amendment, then he/she […]

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Ron Paul – the Good and the Bad

by rex January 3, 2012 election 2012

So far, I haven’t really weighed in on the GOP nomination candidates. Since 2012 is here, and the presidential race is drawing closer and closer, I figure I may as well start with Ron Paul. I’m going to cover a few of the major issues here. To be clear, I am not confident that Ron […]

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