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Taro Section 8 and $7500

by rex October 14, 2010 Local Elections
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How does someone, such as Taro Harvey, who lives in Section 8 housing afford to donate $2500 to any candidate? How does his wife Francine Campbell, who lives in the same apartment, also afford to donate $2500? How does another neighbor in the same Cooper Road Plaza afford to donate $2500 also? (Thanks to www.truthaboutglover.com […]

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KTBS 3 Gun Grabbing Mayor Cedric Glover

by rex June 16, 2010 cedric glover - rights suspended

This story originally ran on KTBS 3 in Shreveport as “Gun Grabbing Mayor” and was posted in streaming video on their website. Apparently, they have taken it down. Now, they could remove videos and stories after a certain period of time (which is stupid and not necessary), but it sure is close to the mayoral […]

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