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Taro Section 8 and $7500

How does someone, such as Taro Harvey, who lives in Section 8 housing afford to donate $2500 to any candidate? How does his wife Francine Campbell, who lives in the same apartment, also afford to donate $2500? How does another neighbor in the same Cooper Road Plaza afford to donate $2500 also?

(Thanks to www.truthaboutglover.com and the Bryan Wooley campaign for pointing this out.)

Of course, it’s not secret that I’m not a fan of Shreveport Mayor Cedric Glover – Mr. Your Rights are Suspended. This issue goes a little deeper than the typical politics though. I don’t care about whether these 3 individuals have the right to donate to a candidate of their choice.

What I care about is the fact that my tax dollars are helping put a roof over their heads in government housing, but they can collectively spend $7500 on a mayoral campaign? Hell no.

credit to www.truthaboutglover.com

I want to know what the qualifications are for Section 8 housing. I’m all about free speech, but give me a break. If you can afford to give that much money just to get your picture taken with the mayor, then you can afford to find somewhere to live on your own.

source: http://www.truthaboutglover.com/WordPress/?p=135

KTBS 3 Gun Grabbing Mayor Cedric Glover

This story originally ran on KTBS 3 in Shreveport as “Gun Grabbing Mayor” and was posted in streaming video on their website. Apparently, they have taken it down. Now, they could remove videos and stories after a certain period of time (which is stupid and not necessary), but it sure is close to the mayoral elections.

I requested a copy from KTBS 3 last year after it ran. Ron Thoma sent me a copy pulled from KPXJ 21 (sister station). I’ve posted it to Youtube – and if I get a take-down notice there, I will just post it directly on my site.

As a side note, KTBS did NOT try to contact Baillio nor me – even though they showcased my site. Robert would have certainly spoken to the news about the situation.

One thing most people overlook is that this whole story is not really about the weapon seizure. It’s about HOW the weapon was taken. The officer searched the vehicle with no probable cause and no warrant. The weapon itself is irrelevant. Then you add Mayor Cedric Glover’s comments: Your rights are suspended – and you have a complete breakdown in common sense, law, and rights.