Maya and Slavery

by rex May 30, 2014 racism
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It is kind of true, we didn’t cause a genocide but we did enslave a race of people. — Jay from Facebook We? You have a mouse in your pocket with a time traveling machine? I’m certainly not disputing the evils of slavery but to lump us all with the sins of some of our […]

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Preaching RUN to the Choir

by rex July 15, 2012 racism
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Runaway Slave is every bit as edgy and as good a documentary as the trailer makes it out to be. The Rev. C. L. Bryant is every bit as down-to-earth as he seems in the movie. So what is wrong? Why aren’t black Americans flocking to see it? To answer those questions, we need to […]

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Nigga Please

by Rex Moncrief October 2, 2011 race cards
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In light of the recent Rick Perry “Niggerhead” hunting lease ordeal, I thought I’d go ahead and release this article. Enjoy. Anyone that has lived in the South knows that the whole furor over using the “n” word is a bunch of hypocritical bull. Blacks use it more than any of the so-called racist white […]

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White Districts

by rex March 23, 2011 race cards
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“House members could learn this week about a plan to create a new district aimed at electing another WHITE representative from Shreveport…She’s a member of the Louisiana Legislative WHITE Caucus, which has a goal of electing more WHITE members to the state Legislature and Congress.” What if the redistricting article from the Shreveport Times contained that […]

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