Preaching RUN to the Choir

by rex July 15, 2012 racism
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Runaway Slave is every bit as edgy and as good a documentary as the trailer makes it out to be. The Rev. C. L. Bryant is every bit as down-to-earth as he seems in the movie. So what is wrong? Why aren’t black Americans flocking to see it? To answer those questions, we need to […]

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Nigga Please

by Rex Moncrief October 2, 2011 race cards
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In light of the recent Rick Perry “Niggerhead” hunting lease ordeal, I thought I’d go ahead and release this article. Enjoy. Anyone that has lived in the South knows that the whole furor over using the “n” word is a bunch of hypocritical bull. Blacks use it more than any of the so-called racist white […]

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White Districts

by rex March 23, 2011 race cards
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“House members could learn this week about a plan to create a new district aimed at electing another WHITE representative from Shreveport…She’s a member of the Louisiana Legislative WHITE Caucus, which has a goal of electing more WHITE members to the state Legislature and Congress.” What if the redistricting article from the Shreveport Times contained that […]

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Another racial moron

by rex October 31, 2010 race cards
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As I’ve blogged about before, Facebook provides a great platform for debate about a lot of things. You also get to “see” a diverse group of people, and you get to “hear” what they really think. Remember that according to the MSM (main stream media), we conservatives are supposed to be the racial bigots. We […]

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