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Another racial moron

by rex October 31, 2010 race cards
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As I’ve blogged about before, Facebook provides a great platform for debate about a lot of things. You also get to “see” a diverse group of people, and you get to “hear” what they really think. Remember that according to the MSM (main stream media), we conservatives are supposed to be the racial bigots. We […]

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First Class for Hank’s Race Card

by rex October 9, 2010 calvin lester
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I love Facebook. You get to see such a “diverse” group of people and their true thoughts. Especially when it comes to politics and especially immigration issues. Calvin Lester linked over to a Washington Post article about the recent David Vitter ad. No, Vitter wasn’t looking for prostitutes this time. Of course, Calvin almost always […]

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Crime drop in Shreveport is racist

by Rex Moncrief September 27, 2010 local crime
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The good news is that the crime rate in Shreveport is on the decline. Any time that total crime is down 14% over the year before, that is great. Here’s the problem. Apparently, it takes racist tactics that unfairly target black communities to get the job done. “The operation has been in the Queensborough and […]

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Schultz Race Card – Busted

by rex September 14, 2010 National
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Well, most of you know that I hate hypocrites, especially liberal ones. When I saw the recent video of Ed Schultz claiming that the rejection of Obama is about race, it pissed me off. Then it jogged my memory. What was that you said back in 2008 on the Bill O’Reilly show? I have been […]

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