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Another racial moron

steven jackson - racial moron

As I’ve blogged about before, Facebook provides a great platform for debate about a lot of things. You also get to “see” a diverse group of people, and you get to “hear” what they really think.

Remember that according to the MSM (main stream media), we conservatives are supposed to be the racial bigots. We are the ones full of antipathy and clinging to our guns.  Well, part of that is true. We always cling to our guns.

Calvin Lester started a wall post about 2 of Glover’s recent endorsements from a couple of local Republicans. The conversation went downhill from there.

It really just goes to show you who the real racists are. A lot of people still have a chip on their shoulder and see life ONLY in terms of race. Fortunately, the majority of us out here do not. We look at the character of a person.

Steven Jackson, friend of Calvin Lester, unfortunately has that chip on his shoulder. Instead of moving forward, he apparently likes to look backward while wallowing around in the muck. Oh well.

EDIT 11-1-2010: Apparently, Mayor Cedric Glover thinks highly of racial morons as well.

It is my honor to introduce him, because he’s an outstanding young man who is without question, one of Shreveport’s very best and very brightest. — Shreveport Mayor Cedric Glover, City Council Meeting, April 27, 2010

Reference: Shreveport City Council Minutes – 044cm2010

Apparently, the ACLU of Louisiana likes Steven Jackson’s version of civil rights also. He is the Field Organizer for the Shreveport area.

Having a staff presence in Shreveport will help the ACLU respond to civil liberties concerns in that part of the state. Steven is a great asset to the Shreveport area and to the ACLU and will make us more responsive problems arise in the Northwest corner of the state.  — Marjorie Esman, Executive Director of the ACLU of Louisiana

Civil liberties concerns? I guess that means as long as you agree with Steven’s political and racist views.

First Class for Hank’s Race Card

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I love Facebook. You get to see such a “diverse” group of people and their true thoughts. Especially when it comes to politics and especially immigration issues.

Calvin Lester linked over to a Washington Post article about the recent David Vitter ad. No, Vitter wasn’t looking for prostitutes this time. Of course, Calvin almost always falls on the race-baiting side, but here is where it got interesting.

Mark Flowers, from east Texas, commented on Calvins post. This prompted a comment from Hank Miller of Shreveport. Let’s just say the entire thread was a banter back and forth between them.

I wasn’t going to even post – until Hank had to play the race card and the “we stole the country” card, and the first class ticket out of here. How hypocritical. So I replied, because, well,  I can’t stand it.

My reply to the thread:

Personally I think the ad is hilarious from a production standpoint. Does the voting record of Charlie Melancon equal the accusations? If you stretch just a bit, yeah.

However, there are somewhere between 500,000-1,000,000 reasons per year why the ad is spot on concerning the root issue.

There is nothing wrong with immigrants. All of us are immigrants anyway, including all the chip-on-the-should blacks who regularly play that slave race card, and whose ancestors sold them to the Europeans during the slave trading days.

The problem is the illegal immigrants who are an insult to all of the law-abiding immigrants who enter our country every year.

Crime drop in Shreveport is racist

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The good news is that the crime rate in Shreveport is on the decline. Any time that total crime is down 14% over the year before, that is great. Here’s the problem.

Apparently, it takes racist tactics that unfairly target black communities to get the job done.

“The operation has been in the Queensborough and Mooretown neighborhoods since Sept. 1 and, as of Sept. 21, officers had made 59 felony arrests, seized 8 illegally possessed firearms and addressed numerous citizen complaints.”–Shreveport Times, Chief Shaw, Operation I.M.P.A.C.T.

Now wait just a minute. You mean a black mayor and a black police chief have been targeting black communities, and the crime rate has dropped? Apparently Shreveport Mayor Cedric Glover and Shaw are closet racists – against their own race.

Of course, that’s only if you believe in race cards

Schultz Race Card – Busted

Well, most of you know that I hate hypocrites, especially liberal ones. When I saw the recent video of Ed Schultz claiming that the rejection of Obama is about race, it pissed me off. Then it jogged my memory.

What was that you said back in 2008 on the Bill O’Reilly show?

I have been very critical of Barack O’bama at times for playing the race card. He’s gotta watch himself on that.” — Ed Schultz 2008

Oh – that’s what you said. But it’s ok for you to play up the race card now?

Here’s a news flash. We don’t like Obama because of his policies. Period. Pretty simple. No color involved.

Watch this video clip that I put together – no doubt about this moron’s hypocrisy. Full credit to rightnetworks.com for posting it – and thank God for youtube.com!