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Parker took his toys and went home

by rex September 25, 2010 racism
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This is why 18 year old high school seniors don’t get elected mayor. They simply can’t handle the pressure and are too easily led astray. First, Parker whined about Gerry May’s blog and reference to Parker’s past penchant for Elvis impersonations. Plus, he was, to quote him, “hurt” by the mention and being considered part […]

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Wooley Broke the Law According to Parker Ward

by rex September 25, 2010 Local Elections

This story just won’t seem to go away.  Parker Ward, libertarian candidate for Shreveport Mayor, now claims that Bryan Wooley broke the law. Well, first he said he smelled corruption. Then he said Wooley broke the law. Bryan signed off on it so he broke the law. — Parker Ward for Mayor It is illegal […]

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A Wooley Race Card

by rex September 24, 2010 Local Elections
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This race issue has gone completely out of control. Anyone ever hear of a self-fulfilling prophesy? I don’t have enough room on this site to make race cards for everyone who jumped the shark on the Bryan Wooley Cooper Road event. Of course Calvin Lester had it rolling on Facebook. Even Jim Wells got in on […]

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