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The Simple Forgotten Issue of ObamaCare

You know – there has been a lot of hoopla surrounding the legal and Constitutional aspects of the whole health-care debacle. Everyone and their brother is trying to get in on the debate. Here is the one thing they are forgetting: the core issue.

It is not a “right endowed by our Creator (God)” for me to pay for your health.

That’s pretty simple and puts it all in a simple sentence.¬† It should not be up to me to pay for your and your family’s health. It is also not your responsibility to pay for mine. What happened to self responsibility?

If you want health-care, then go out and get it. Don’t give me the “we can’t afford it” crap. Here are the steps to affording something:

  1. Take the 42″ HD TV, the Wii, PS3, and your new computer and sell them or quit paying the rent-to-own.
  2. Cancel your cable and cell phone (or get rid of your home phone).
  3. Quit smoking and don’t buy any beer or liquor.
  4. Walk some more and don’t drive as much to save gas.
  5. Work more hours or a 2nd job or start your own business.
  6. Research something called a “Health Savings Account

See, that’s simple enough. Problem solved and didn’t take 2000 pages and a national crisis!