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He accidentally shot 2 people

An ambulance worker was a moron and accidentally fired his weapon, shooting and slightly wounding two colleagues at their ambulance station, Homer police said…

There you go, KTBS, I fixed your opening line. Let me clue you in – guns don’t “accidentally discharge”. Period.

I can put a loaded gun on a table, pull the hammer back (if it has one), and stand in front of it. I can stand there for 20 years, and that gun will not fire. Period.

Now, some might argue something stupid such as “well if an earthquake happened and the gun fell, it could fire.” Umm – ok maybe so. It still would be my fault since I didn’t secure the weapon, and well…I was standing in front of a loaded weapon.

See my point?

I won’t even get into the discussion on why a Homer cop was involved in the situation. That just makes it even more absurd. Of course, it’s Homer so that explains some of it.

Schultz Race Card – Busted

Well, most of you know that I hate hypocrites, especially liberal ones. When I saw the recent video of Ed Schultz claiming that the rejection of Obama is about race, it pissed me off. Then it jogged my memory.

What was that you said back in 2008 on the Bill O’Reilly show?

I have been very critical of Barack O’bama at times for playing the race card. He’s gotta watch himself on that.” — Ed Schultz 2008

Oh – that’s what you said. But it’s ok for you to play up the race card now?

Here’s a news flash. We don’t like Obama because of his policies. Period. Pretty simple. No color involved.

Watch this video clip that I put together – no doubt about this moron’s hypocrisy. Full credit to rightnetworks.com for posting it – and thank God for youtube.com!