He accidentally shot 2 people

by rex October 18, 2010 Gun Rights
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An ambulance worker was a moron and accidentally fired his weapon, shooting and slightly wounding two colleagues at their ambulance station, Homer police said… There you go, KTBS, I fixed your opening line. Let me clue you in – guns don’t “accidentally discharge”. Period. I can put a loaded gun on a table, pull the hammer […]

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Schultz Race Card – Busted

by rex September 14, 2010 National
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Well, most of you know that I hate hypocrites, especially liberal ones. When I saw the recent video of Ed Schultz claiming that the rejection of Obama is about race, it pissed me off. Then it jogged my memory. What was that you said back in 2008 on the Bill O’Reilly show? I have been […]

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