Cedric Up in Smoke

by rex October 27, 2010 Local
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As I blogged about last week, certain high-profile…let’s just skip that. In Dannye Malone’s divorce with his now ex-wife, these interrogatory questions were asked: (D) Do you deny that you have consumed, ingested and/or smoked marijuana in the matrimonial domicile with Cedric Glover and Dale Sibley? (E) Do you deny that third persons, including, but […]

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Because they got high

by rex October 18, 2010 Local
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Well the next 24 hours could be interesting. I got word from an anonymous source today that there may be some interesting court documents released apparently implicating a couple of very high-ranking Shreveport officials in marijuana use with a local attorney. There are also potential pot purchases from the same officials. It appears this was […]

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Obama – Because he got high

by rex March 25, 2010 obama

Hmm – after figuring out the Obama Money stash, I now think I know why Obama has lied so much (kudos to Kevin for inspiring my thinking via email). At first I thought Obama was just dumb – and I’m still leaning towards that. After all, his math is pretty bad especially since he’s a […]

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Marijuana Farms at the Taxpayer's Expense

by rex October 12, 2008 drugs

Well this article caught me totally by surprise – I had no idea that so many ganja farmers were using public lands. In 2007, rangers found more than 20,000 plants in Yosemite National Park and 43,000 plants in Sequoia Kings Canyon National Park, where 159 grow sites have been discovered over the past 10 years. […]

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