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Blaming it on Glover

by rex October 26, 2010 Local
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Cedric, you just don’t get it all do you? You are the mayor, not the neighborhood pastor. Perpetuating evil? Nice try at diverting from the subject while at a church. That’s almost as dumb as saying “your rights are suspended“. I really wish I had been there to record the audio and video at Praise […]

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Wooley vs Glover – Mayors Forum

by rex October 20, 2010 Local Elections
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Note: Video embedded at end of article. Approx 48 mins. Well I have to admit, the Shreveport Mayors Forum at Broadmoor Presbyterian Church was pretty interesting. Bryan Wooley came out swinging, and Glover did his best to dodge the punches. I have to give both of them credit for standing up to the questions. I […]

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