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He accidentally shot 2 people

An ambulance worker was a moron and accidentally fired his weapon, shooting and slightly wounding two colleagues at their ambulance station, Homer police said…

There you go, KTBS, I fixed your opening line. Let me clue you in – guns don’t “accidentally discharge”. Period.

I can put a loaded gun on a table, pull the hammer back (if it has one), and stand in front of it. I can stand there for 20 years, and that gun will not fire. Period.

Now, some might argue something stupid such as “well if an earthquake happened and the gun fell, it could fire.” Umm – ok maybe so. It still would be my fault since I didn’t secure the weapon, and well…I was standing in front of a loaded weapon.

See my point?

I won’t even get into the discussion on why a Homer cop was involved in the situation. That just makes it even more absurd. Of course, it’s Homer so that explains some of it.

Gerry May tries to cover his bits

If you’ve followed any of my comments on Gerry’s blog or on Gerry’s facebook wall, you know that I chided him about “not publishing the source” of his mysterious poll numbers. According to KTBS’s Gerry May, they were from a trusted source.

My question was “If the source is trusted, why can’t you name it?”
Turns out that Gerry is now owning up to a major mistake. Bryan Wooley had a strong 2nd place showing in the Shreveport mayoral race – in stark contrast to Gerry’s blog’s poll numbers.
“… I don’t see egg on my face. But it’s there. Let me see if I can wipe it off.” — Gerry May
The problem is that Gerry’s blog, while not part of the major KTBS coverage, is still widely read. Therefore, it probably did have a detrimental effect on the Wooley campaign. It was definitely NOT the best idea to continue posting the anonymous numbers without owning up to the source.
  • Is there any way to gauge how much affect it had? Not really.
  • Should Gerry be reprimanded for pushing the numbers? I think the court of public opinon will be enough.
  • Does Gerry get brownie points for owning his mistake? A few.
  • Should we trust poll numbers or data (of any sort) without a source? Never.

Parker took his toys and went home

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This is why 18 year old high school seniors don’t get elected mayor. They simply can’t handle the pressure and are too easily led astray.

First, Parker whined about Gerry May’s blog and reference to Parker’s past penchant for Elvis impersonations. Plus, he was, to quote him, “hurt” by the mention and being considered part of the “4 other candidates.”

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Second, as most of you are aware, Bryan Wooley’s campaign had a “feed and transport” event on Cooper Road. To say that the idea gained Wooley attention is an understatement. Plenty of people pulled out their race cards – including young mayoral candidate Parker Ward. So I called him out on the issue.

Parker couldn’t stand the heat, defriended me on Facebook, and then mysteriously started removing some of his comments where he claimed Wooley “broke the law.” Jim Wells, over at the MyBossier blog, confirmed the comment removals, but sent me screenshots just in case.

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Now this is where the situation gets really odd. I received an email this afternoon from someone who posts on the KTBS website – with screenshots attached. I checked it out for myself, verified it, and took my own screenshots

Apparently, young Parker has been doing a bit of trolling on the KTBS site under multiple aliases. Very interesting – especially since he wasn’t smart enough to use multiple profiles with anonymous email addresses. What an amateur!

click for a larger image

When you click on someone’s profile on the KTBS website, it plainly shows your comment history (unless you opt out) including all alias names you’ve used.

Even more importantly for the Shreveport mayors race, this is deceptive. He was purposely trying to make it look like he had supporters who actually took the time the post on the KTBS.com website.

That’s absurdly stupid.