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Self-Responsible a$$hole

Ok – you will have to forgive the title, but recently Jim Wells at MyBossier posted another article on the BCPD presence at The Boardwalk. Jim had also posted about the same subject back in December, and I made my thoughts known then. I’m glad that Jim and most people agree.

Here is where it gets more serious. In my response, I posted the following:

Am I worried about “getting murdered or robbed” there? Nope. If I get murdered or robbed, it’s my fault for not being aware of my immediate environment and not drawing fast enough. 😉 – Rex Moncrief, Dec. 18, 2010

So what exactly do I mean by “it’s my fault?” That’s simple. Anyone that knows me – knows that I firmly believe in self responsibility and that includes the safety of me and my family.

My belief is simple. The police and law enforcement DO NOT have the responsibility to protect each and every individual citizen. They simply can’t protect all of us. What? Are we each supposed to have our own personal policeman as a bodyguard? I don’t think so.

The responsibility of the police department is to “protect and serve the community and citizens as a group” by discouraging crime and to enforce the laws by arresting suspected criminals.

Now that we have that clear, what is the deal about being a “self-responsible a$$hole?” Some anonymous moron posted the following reply to my response:

It is incredible that a supposedly sane person would say such a thing in this era. Yesterday, 72 year old Butch Bays was murdered and robbed…according to your testimony such a thing was his own fault for not being an old West quick-draw artist…but people are supposed to think that such a thing is the person’s own fault. You, Rex Moncrief, are an a$$hole.– Anonymous said…December 18, 2010 1:53 PM

Well, I certainly can be an a$$hole. I’ve never denied that. The “old West quick-draw” comment was nice for dramatic purposes, but of course Anonymous totally ignores the point – preparation.

Each and every person is responsible for their own safety. In the case of Butch Bays, I am truly sorry for his family and friends. Yes, the murderer(s) who killed him are ultimately responsible for his death, and hopefully they will receive a fair trial, be convicted, and then promptly hung.

However, the facts are simple. The police are almost always 3 minutes late. Unfortunately, you are never totally safe in your home, your business, or anywhere for that matter. Crooks, thieves, and murders don’t follow the law. It is up to we as individuals to be constantly vigilant and on-guard.

Could Butch Bays have prevented his own murder? Did he prepare for the unlikely scenarios? Maybe. Maybe not. However, one thing is certain. It is always better to be prepared.

It’s a dangerous world out there – always has been and always will be.

I’ve been reported – by a Republican!

The sheer stupidity of some people never ceases to amaze me. Facebook certainly makes you realize how many people go through life truly clueless.

Of course, this is all the fault of Jim Wells. Somehow, he managed to post on the wall of Gail Hart from Lawton, Oklahoma. As you can see in the screenshots, she posted something about Bush and Perry’s new books. Then she followed up with a comment:

me don’t think it’s a good idea to keep moving everything we use in the US to other countries – where are our jobs for the unemployed that are losing homes and can’t feed their children? — Gail Hart via Facebook

That’s where Jim stepped into the yard and threw a few pebbles.

You’re blaming the wrong person. Obama has called for doing away with tax incentives for companies that outsource. I hope that the Republican House will go along with this. — Jim Wells via Facebook

click for larger image

Apparently, Gail didn’t like Jim’s statement of fact – as much as it pains me to admit anything positive about Obama.

Then Calvin Lester jumped into the yard and started a rock fight.

FYI, isn’t this the same Governor who suggested that Texas seceed from the Union ? Plu-lezzze! — Calvin Lester

That apparently sent Gail over the edge. How dare someone talk about Rick Perry. So…she decided to claim her little spot on Facebook (with her privacy set to “everyone” nonetheless).

Oh and Calvin, I don’t know you or who you even are so get the heck off my wall!!!!! You are not welcome here and I will report you. This is a warning and I will not say it again. — Gail Hart

The conversation bounced back and forth, and finally I added my little tidbit to remind everyone of the ramifications of outsourcing, including sparking inflation especially when combined with quantitative easing. Plus, I decided to school Gail on how social networking works.

Now – about Facebook and posting on walls. If your privacy is set to “everyone” or “friends of friends”, then there is nothing to report. You know – it’s the whole idea of “social networking”. 😉 — Rex

Apparently she didn’t like that response. She also apparently didn’t comprehend my explanation about inflation, etc. For the first time, I was kicked out of a conversation by a Republican – and kicked out with Calvin Lester, a progressive.

Rex and Calvin – you have both just been reported — Gail Hart

Reported to the Facebook political police. What a day.