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Duke and the minutes

by rex October 12, 2011 district 8

Of course, I just posted my thoughts on Jeff Thompson’s flyer and Duke’s lawsuit. Now I’ve actually read the entire lawsuit. Guess what? Duke is the stand-up guy that I think he is. As you can read in the lawsuit and attached documents, Duke Lowrie did everything he could to bring the hours padding and […]

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Duke and the lawsuit

by rex October 12, 2011 2011 district 8

As reported by KTBS and the MyBossier blog, there is a pretty good situation going between conservative District 8 candidate Duke Lowrie and trial attorney Jeff Thompson. First, let me address the on-going comment thread on Jim’s blog. It’s no secret that Jim has endorsed Duke Lowrie and so have I. It stands to reason […]

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Jeff Thompson – Pro Life Deleter

by rex October 12, 2011 2011 district 8
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Poor Jeff Thompson – running for Louisiana District 8 State Representative. He’s had a bad week. First, he puts out a flyer that does exactly what he accuses Duke Lowrie of doing. Lying. Now, he can’t even get any love on Facebook from Pro-Life citizens. As a matter of fact, according to One Girl Revolution blogger, […]

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