Gun Rights

Pearl MS and Facebook

by rex December 17, 2012 Gun Rights
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Wow. This weekend I created a meme and posted it on Facebook. With the recent murders in NewTown, CT, and the subsequent assault on our 2nd Amendment rights, I felt it prudent to point out what happened. The facts, as they relate to gun rights, are simple. Assistant principal Joel Myrick retrieved his .45 from his […]

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The GOPers – Gun Stances

by rex January 10, 2012 election 2012
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As most of you know, one of my first checks on a politician is their stance on gun control. Why? It relates directly to a politician’s stance on the 2nd Amendment – and that tells us how a candidate will treat other civil rights issues. If a politician will abuse the 2nd Amendment, then he/she […]

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NAACP and Gun Rights

by rex July 8, 2011 Gun Rights
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One thing to love about Facebook – the political debates. I’m fortunate to be in a group that thrives on it. Recently, one of the liberal progressives made a comment that the NAACP supported gun rights in response to a post I made concerning Martin Luther King, Jr’s, advocacy for gun rights based on his […]

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The Nat Thickens

by rex July 6, 2011 Gun Rights
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The story about St. Helena parish Sheriff Nat Williams and his treatment of legally armed citizens as criminals – just got a little more interesting. …after hearing more on the story (white people patrolling, complaints from black people about the patrol, then Sheriff Williams said what he said), he’s inclined to believe the reporter on […]

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