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Will – Facts – Progressives

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Well, I haven’t blogged in quite a while – so I figured this would be as good a time to start as any. As I’ve blogged before, Facebook provides a very interesting outlet for debate.

Recently, a friend (and now former client) of mine posted about stopbeck.com – and that 5 radio stations were committed to keeping Beck off the air in New York City. To a true conservative, this wasn’t about Beck. It was about blindly following a movement to kill speech rather than fighting back with facts or at least opinions based on facts.

Will’s best argument was the story of ex-felon and bank robber Byron Williams, who got into a shootout with police and said “his intention was to start a revolution by traveling to San Francisco and killing people of importance at the Tides Foundation and the ACLU.

So let me get this straight? Commentators and radio/tv show hosts are now responsible for the actions of their audience – including 45 year bank robbing felons who still live with their mother?

That plays right into the progressive liberal playbook of no personal responsibility.

With their reasoning I suppose Casey Brezik’s botched assassination attempt should be blamed on who – maybe Ed Schultz or Keith Olberman? After all, his favorite quote on his Facebook profile was one from Che Guevara, hero to the mainstream left.

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It’s really funny how the progressive left always tries to portray conservatives (or right-wingers) as anarchists, but the truth is completely opposite. Conservatives believe in less government intrusion outside the US Constitutional boundaries – not the abolishment of the government.

Progressive liberals believe in social change and collectivism. Remember the “Yes, we can..” and the “Change” mantra of Obama? They also believe in a socialistic state where the government institutes social justice. Oddly though, progressives also tend to blame the same government in conspiracy theories such as those espoused by Reverend Wright or Bill Ayers.

The key difference here is that progressivism naturally leads to chaos. Conservatism leads to individual order. It’s a key philosophical disconnect between the two.

So what about the stopbeck.com stance and the “Fox Lies” profile picture (see image below)? Will sent me a chat message, and naturally I didn’t back down from my wall post (pictured above).  I even answered one of his questions directly “is everything on fox true”. After responding “shirley sherrod”, he still refused to answer my simple request to provide facts.

In the end, I put up another wall post based on the text from the chat session, and Will still couldn’t provide any facts to back up his argument. In the end, he could only try to say that “Edit what u want to show, Erase want u don’t want to show!! You’ve learned very well from FAUX NEWS!!” – which just proves the point. He has since removed me as a friend on Facebook – oh well.

The debate isn’t about Will – it’s about progressives who use tons of rhetoric versus true conservatives that tend to use facts. Guess what? We are winning the debate.

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