Jeff Thompson – Pro Life Deleter

by rex October 12, 2011 2011 district 8
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Poor Jeff Thompson – running for Louisiana District 8 State Representative. He’s had a bad week. First, he puts out a flyer that does exactly what he accuses Duke Lowrie of doing. Lying. Now, he can’t even get any love on Facebook from Pro-Life citizens. As a matter of fact, according to One Girl Revolution blogger, […]

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NAACP and Gun Rights

by rex July 8, 2011 Gun Rights
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One thing to love about Facebook – the political debates. I’m fortunate to be in a group that thrives on it. Recently, one of the liberal progressives made a comment that the NAACP supported gun rights in response to a post I made concerning Martin Luther King, Jr’s, advocacy for gun rights based on his […]

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I’ve been reported – by a Republican!

by rex November 11, 2010 economy
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The sheer stupidity of some people never ceases to amaze me. Facebook certainly makes you realize how many people go through life truly clueless. Of course, this is all the fault of Jim Wells. Somehow, he managed to post on the wall of Gail Hart from Lawton, Oklahoma. As you can see in the screenshots, […]

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Another racial moron

by rex October 31, 2010 race cards
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As I’ve blogged about before, Facebook provides a great platform for debate about a lot of things. You also get to “see” a diverse group of people, and you get to “hear” what they really think. Remember that according to the MSM (main stream media), we conservatives are supposed to be the racial bigots. We […]

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