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Jeff Thompson – Pro Life Deleter

Poor Jeff Thompson – running for Louisiana District 8 State Representative. He’s had a bad week.

First, he puts out a flyer that does exactly what he accuses Duke Lowrie of doing. Lying. Now, he can’t even get any love on Facebook from Pro-Life citizens.

jeff thompson deanna marie candler 100% pro life
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As a matter of fact, according to One Girl Revolution blogger, Deanna Marie Candler, the Thompson campaign deleted her comment. All she did was point out that Duke Lowrie was also given a 100% rating by the Louisiana Right to Life Federation. Jeff Thompson also blocked her – even though Deanna is not a voter in District 8.

The point is not whether Duke Lowrie or Jeff Thompson are Pro-Life. Apparently they are, but that doesn’t really matter in a state race. Getting around Roe v Wade is challenging at the federal level, much less the state.

The point is that Jeff Thompson can’t take the heat when the facts are pointed out. Had he handled it differently – like maybe acknowledging the fact and thanking Deanna for pointing it out, then he might have actually gained some credibility.

Instead, he lost credibility again. Twice. In one week.

UPDATE: I’d like to point out that in all fairness, Jeff Thompson probably posted that just slightly before Duke turned in his questionnaire.  However, I stand by my point that he shouldn’t have deleted Deanna’s comments.

NAACP and Gun Rights

One thing to love about Facebook – the political debates. I’m fortunate to be in a group that thrives on it. Recently, one of the liberal progressives made a comment that the NAACP supported gun rights in response to a post I made concerning Martin Luther King, Jr’s, advocacy for gun rights based on his use of them for protection.
The NAACP supports gun rights. So do I. – BP, liberal on Facebook
Then this same liberal (whom I won’t name here since it is a private group) made the fatal mistake that most liberals do. He cited an article to try and support his claim. Oops. He forgot those pesky facts of the case – something that even the appeals court remembered. John White was NOT justified in his actions on that night. He met the threat at his driveway – not while defending his family from imminent danger. That was the wrong way to play that situation out if he truly felt his family were serious danger.
Taking the stand to testify in his own behalf, the defendant related incidents of racial discrimination he had endured as a child, and claimed that, according to his grandfather, two family members had been killed by the Ku Klux Klan in 1924.–People v White
The entire article that BP (the progressive from Facebook) cited was based soley on support for the individual in the case – John White. Where was the discussion of the NAACP’s outrage over NJ’s lack of castle doctrine or the onerous burdens NJ individuals to exercise their civil right that is protected (not given) by the 2nd Amendment?
Of course there is no argument for that. The NAACP, former Governor David Paterson, and everyone involved were looking out for a minority ‘wronged’ by the system. Why else would a governor rated “F” on gun rights commute a sentence?

“The right to defend one’s home, family and ultimately one’s self is at the heart of our history and law,” said the Rev. Roderick Pearson.

Now here is the kicker. What if we reversed the situation? What if a WHITE man had shot and killed an unarmed BLACK youth who was not an imminent threat? What if the white man had walked to the end of the drive and shot him (guns dont just magically shoot people).
rev jonathan mcpherson shotgun martin luther king jrDo you really think the NAACP would involve itself on the side of the shooter? Hell no – they like to sue gun manufacturers. They want blacks and persons of color to be without arms – just like the Democratic liberal progressives they now bow before.
Why are Progressives so shallow?

I’ve been reported – by a Republican!

The sheer stupidity of some people never ceases to amaze me. Facebook certainly makes you realize how many people go through life truly clueless.

Of course, this is all the fault of Jim Wells. Somehow, he managed to post on the wall of Gail Hart from Lawton, Oklahoma. As you can see in the screenshots, she posted something about Bush and Perry’s new books. Then she followed up with a comment:

me don’t think it’s a good idea to keep moving everything we use in the US to other countries – where are our jobs for the unemployed that are losing homes and can’t feed their children? — Gail Hart via Facebook

That’s where Jim stepped into the yard and threw a few pebbles.

You’re blaming the wrong person. Obama has called for doing away with tax incentives for companies that outsource. I hope that the Republican House will go along with this. — Jim Wells via Facebook

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Apparently, Gail didn’t like Jim’s statement of fact – as much as it pains me to admit anything positive about Obama.

Then Calvin Lester jumped into the yard and started a rock fight.

FYI, isn’t this the same Governor who suggested that Texas seceed from the Union ? Plu-lezzze! — Calvin Lester

That apparently sent Gail over the edge. How dare someone talk about Rick Perry. So…she decided to claim her little spot on Facebook (with her privacy set to “everyone” nonetheless).

Oh and Calvin, I don’t know you or who you even are so get the heck off my wall!!!!! You are not welcome here and I will report you. This is a warning and I will not say it again. — Gail Hart

The conversation bounced back and forth, and finally I added my little tidbit to remind everyone of the ramifications of outsourcing, including sparking inflation especially when combined with quantitative easing. Plus, I decided to school Gail on how social networking works.

Now – about Facebook and posting on walls. If your privacy is set to “everyone” or “friends of friends”, then there is nothing to report. You know – it’s the whole idea of “social networking”. 😉 — Rex

Apparently she didn’t like that response. She also apparently didn’t comprehend my explanation about inflation, etc. For the first time, I was kicked out of a conversation by a Republican – and kicked out with Calvin Lester, a progressive.

Rex and Calvin – you have both just been reported — Gail Hart

Reported to the Facebook political police. What a day.

Another racial moron

steven jackson - racial moron

As I’ve blogged about before, Facebook provides a great platform for debate about a lot of things. You also get to “see” a diverse group of people, and you get to “hear” what they really think.

Remember that according to the MSM (main stream media), we conservatives are supposed to be the racial bigots. We are the ones full of antipathy and clinging to our guns.  Well, part of that is true. We always cling to our guns.

Calvin Lester started a wall post about 2 of Glover’s recent endorsements from a couple of local Republicans. The conversation went downhill from there.

It really just goes to show you who the real racists are. A lot of people still have a chip on their shoulder and see life ONLY in terms of race. Fortunately, the majority of us out here do not. We look at the character of a person.

Steven Jackson, friend of Calvin Lester, unfortunately has that chip on his shoulder. Instead of moving forward, he apparently likes to look backward while wallowing around in the muck. Oh well.

EDIT 11-1-2010: Apparently, Mayor Cedric Glover thinks highly of racial morons as well.

It is my honor to introduce him, because he’s an outstanding young man who is without question, one of Shreveport’s very best and very brightest. — Shreveport Mayor Cedric Glover, City Council Meeting, April 27, 2010

Reference: Shreveport City Council Minutes – 044cm2010

Apparently, the ACLU of Louisiana likes Steven Jackson’s version of civil rights also. He is the Field Organizer for the Shreveport area.

Having a staff presence in Shreveport will help the ACLU respond to civil liberties concerns in that part of the state. Steven is a great asset to the Shreveport area and to the ACLU and will make us more responsive problems arise in the Northwest corner of the state.  — Marjorie Esman, Executive Director of the ACLU of Louisiana

Civil liberties concerns? I guess that means as long as you agree with Steven’s political and racist views.