Tax Increases on Corporations Help – Right?

by rex November 21, 2010 economy

I’m not sure why progressives don’t understand the concept that increasing expenses on corporations, whether they are large or small, results in the costs passed on the consumers. They somehow think that as companies have decreased expenses and thus increased margins, that all the money is passed on to the evil CEO’s. That’s just dead […]

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Just what did Obama inherit

by rex October 10, 2010 economy
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I don’t know how many times Obama has spouted off about “inheriting” this and all that. He makes me tired just listening to the rhetoric so I decided to remind everyone about a few things. (Well, that and my cousin Daniel decided to jump in the pool with some rhetoric without facts.) Ok – so […]

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Obama's Inheritance

by rex April 27, 2010 economy

I can’t stand it when Obama mentions his “inheritance” concerning the economy and other things. Did he forget that he was a US Senator prior to his presidential election? Did he forget what party has controlled Congress and the purse strings since 2006? Did he forget that he encouraged the Bush Bailout that most of […]

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Revisiting Obama's Post-American World

by rex March 27, 2010 economy

I’m sure a lot of you have seen the picture in your email. It was taken in May of 2008 and the title of the book is “The Post-American World” by Fareed Zakaria. By the title, you would think this was horribly anti-American. However, if you read about the book or just plain buy and […]

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