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Crawfish Stamps

EBT Food StampsIs there anyone out there who can explain this to me? Why in the hell does someone on food stamps (EBT) need to be able to purchase crawfish?

Let me break it down for everyone reading. IF you require the assistance of my tax dollars to help feed your family, I DON”T CARE whether you want to eat crawfish or not. Find a much more efficient way to feed your family.

Don’t get me wrong. I love crawfish. Even though I’m very conservative, I am not totally opposed to some assistance for those who fall on hard times. However, this one picture symbolizes the ridiculous amount of entitlements in our country.

The entitlement problem is so pervasive in this country that I am nearly convinced that the progressive movement has won. Sure – some people blame it on a generational thing. I don’t agree with that.

If you look back in history to FDR’s work programs and then at Lyndon Johnson’s “Great Society” programs, this has been planned from day one. Rather than getting rid of poverty, the progressive movement has conditioned a large segment of our society to expect government to be the solution to every problem. We, as a society, are expected to provide the safety net.

What is the solution to the entitlement attitude? I really don’t know. Maybe the SCOTUS decision on Obamacare will be the linchpin to hold the conservative movement together. Justice John Roberts did us a great favor by shining the spotlight on the greatest tax increase in history. Maybe it will finally galvanize us in realizing that something MUST be done now before all really is really lost that was great about this country.

Those decisions are entrusted to our Nation’s elected leaders, who can be thrown out of office if the people disagree with them. It is not our job to protect the people from the consequences of their political choices. — Chief Justice John Roberts – Obamacare


As expected, there have been quite a few shares of my graphic on Facebook. Seems I’ve struck a nerve with some people. Just to add to the article, here is one of my responses on a share by Jim Wells of MyBossier fame. Interestingly, Jim didn’t comment on the picture. He just shared it out, which prompted quite the discussion.


Deborah Allen Stacy statistics prove women like me are in the majority. What you mean is, THOSE women arent like me because they are black.

@Stacy – I was waiting for someone to pop out with statistics. See progressives such as Deborah love to mouth off without doing their homework or their math. They also typically never cite their sources, and of course they want to blame the “rich fat cats” for food stamps. That is parallel to the 99% vs 1% movement. It plays to their base.

So here are some simple math facts:


Overall Population – White = 78.1%

Overall Population – Black = 13.1%

Households on SNAP – White = 59%

Households on SNAP – Black = 28%


Reference: http://www.cbsnews.com/8301-503544_162-57353438-503544/gingrich-singles-out-blacks-in-food-stamp-remark/


SNAP Participants – White = 43%

SNAP Participants – Black = 33%

Reference: http://www.snaptohealth.org/snap/snap-frequently-asked-questions/


Now, those are simple facts. It’s not a racist thing whatsoever. Anyone notice the difference in the numbers that should stand out like a sore thumb?

Washington DC population – Black = 50.7%

Washington DC on food stamps – Black = 21.9%





Average Benefits Cost Per Person = up 30% since 2008


If you want anecdotal evidence, it’s easy. Go down to the local DCFS office (state program in Louisiana) and watch the lines. Then go to any Wal-Mart or local grocery store at the beginning of the month. Watch the lines.

Are there plenty of whites and hispanics and Asians on food stamps? Sure, but to say that the “welfare queen” is a bad stereotype is disingenuous  at best and pretty much an outright lie. This isn’t even discussing TANF, or the “crazy checks” as my black friends like to put it.

Now the real question is why are the numbers so skewed towards blacks? Is it because they are lazy? Nope – no more than some whites. The answer lies in conditioning by the progressive and liberal factions of society.  Somehow, Lyndon Johnson and the Democratic Party was able to sell the black community on the “Great Society” after years of doing everything possible to demean and further oppress them. This insured them of a very reliable voting block, and provided a “feel good” mantra for those progressives who weren’t outright racists. They could now believe they were “helping” the black community.

Next time, some people might actually try a little reading (like my blog article) and doing a little math. It makes the conversation much better factually and less emotional.



War on the Poor and Obama

credit to AsSeenInShreveport blog

I started out reading this Crooks and Liars post to laugh at the progressive rant against the evil republicans. It turns out that is was a very good insight into some of the problems that Obama faces.

Let’s start with the original reason for the blog post – republicans waging a war on the poor.

Minnesota Republicans Want To Bust Poor People Who Carry Cash

It’s really funny how progressive liberals can’t read. If you read the tag line and the article, the information is spun so that it appears “poor people” in Minnesota can’t carry more than $20 cash. However, if you actually read HF 171, you soon find out that is not the case.

As most average people know, especially in an entitlement-rich state like Louisiana, the use of debit cards for “food stamp – now called SNAP” programs and the TANF program ($175.2million from Washington for FY2011) is abused heavily.

Yes, I know people who are on assistance so I’ve seen these abuses first-hand. Not that everyone abuses the system, but is it my social responsibility for you to be able to buy lobster and steak with a Louisiana Purchase card? Should our tax dollars help fund those that sell their benefits or use a taco truck to steal $1,000,000 worth of benefits – like Vincent Edward Daprince?

But I digress so let’s get back to Minnesota. If you actually read the text of HF 171, you will see that none of that rhetoric is true, of course. The bill amendment simply is putting some common-sense restrictions on Minnesota’s system. Can the Minnesota poor carry more than $20 cash on them? Sure – but they need to earn it on their own – not off the backs of the MN taxpayers.

So what about the War on Obama?

This is where the article actually had some decent insight. If you can stomach some of the comments in response to the stupid article, you start to get a picture of the current attitude of progressive liberals to the Teleprompter-In-Chief. Here are a select few.

There comes a time where we decide to be the change no matter who sits in the White House. This had better damn well be one of those times. – karoli

Since most people seem to be hanging their hopes on the man in the WH it would be nice to know what the former community organizer thinks – and if it differs with his corporate agenda. Because most assuredly he will be our only choice in 2012. Excuse me if I would find it comforting to know if he actually gives a shit about us. – Rich H

No. I’m waiting for his eloquent speech on the merits of a strong working class…I’m not holding my breath. He’s more likely to give a speech about the greatness of banks. – Edwin

These comments are directly from the hearts and minds of progressives who believe “in the cause” and are commenting against republicans.

Come to think of it – Obama is definitely a better president than Bush. While it took Bush 8 years to piss off his base, Obama has done it in 3.