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Duke and the minutes

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Of course, I just posted my thoughts on Jeff Thompson’s flyer and Duke’s lawsuit. Now I’ve actually read the entire lawsuit.

Guess what? Duke is the stand-up guy that I think he is.

As you can read in the lawsuit and attached documents, Duke Lowrie did everything he could to bring the hours padding and false credit to the attention of the Bossier City Council as well as the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians.

Did he pad his hours? Yes. That was the standard practice with the Bossier City Fire Department.

When Duke tried to correct that policy, was he railroaded? Yes.

Take a look at the minutes from the Bossier City Council meeting Louisiana EMS Certification Commission. Of course the legal counsel did not want further review. That would have most likely brought the practice more public attention.

louisiana ems certification minutes
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At any rate, I am firmly convinced that while Jeff Thompson might be a fine trial lawyer and adept at suing people – that is EXACTLY the reason why he is the wrong choice for District 8 state representative. His flyer was very misleading and a lie itself.

I know Duke Lowrie personally and have spent many hours discussing politics with him. His heart is in the right place, and he is the right guy for the job.

UPDATE: As Bossier City Councilman from District 4 David Jones pointed out, I had mistakenly listed the minutes from the Bossier City Council meeting. In fact, the minutes are from LA EMS Certification Commission. That has been corrected.

Duke and the lawsuit

As reported by KTBS and the MyBossier blog, there is a pretty good situation going between conservative District 8 candidate Duke Lowrie and trial attorney Jeff Thompson.

First, let me address the on-going comment thread on Jim’s blog. It’s no secret that Jim has endorsed Duke Lowrie and so have I. It stands to reason that Jim’s posts would naturally be slanted towards Duke and slightly biased against Jeff Thompson. However, I’ve always known Jim to be a fair and straight-up guy in his articles by allowing opposing points of view.

With that said, everyone should keep in mind that Jim’s blog is….well….his blog. It’s not a public arena except for the fact that it is accessible from the public internet. He has every right to edit or remove any comments that he wants. If any of his readers don’t like it, then they should start their own blog. It takes about 5 minutes or less and is completely free.

As all of you know I absolutely support Duke Lowrie and have designed and built his website plus offered tech support for his campaign.

Now let’s discuss the Duke Lowrie lawsuit against trial attorney Jeff Thompson. According to the Duke Lowrie campaign and the suit, Jeff Thompson breached attorney-client privilege with the flyer. Duke is not seeking money damages – simply a retraction.

Why the breach of attorney-client privilege? During Duke’s run-in with the city, he was singled out for padding his time during training – hence Jeff Thompson’s claim of lying. Well by definition that is true since Duke claimed an additional 2 hours of time, but that was standard practice. During the conflict with Bossier, Duke sought the counsel of Jeff Thompson.

Here is the double-edged sword. Rather than publicizing this on his website, Facebook, and in a news interview, the chosen tactic was a lawsuit. This presents 2 problems. (1) Many people are seeing this as a “frivolous” lawsuit and (2) these past issues are brought to the fore-front. There is no getting around that Duke’s time was padded and he was suspended.

What is the upside? Jeff Thompson gets called out. The good ole boys aren’t used to that. Those who share a disdain of trial lawyers as politicians will view this an a “typical underhanded lawyer attempt to discredit.”

Jeff has now stated to KTBS that the information was gathered from a FOIA. He also said he was not Duke’s attorney. There are some who said those records were destroyed in a flood and aren’t accessible.

That’s where the plot thickens, and unfortunately – the sideshow continues.


UPDATE:  The lawsuit has been posted by Forward-Now.com. I’ve uploaded a copy to my blog but full credit due to Forward-Now.

Click here to read it.

Jeff Thompson – Pro Life Deleter

Poor Jeff Thompson – running for Louisiana District 8 State Representative. He’s had a bad week.

First, he puts out a flyer that does exactly what he accuses Duke Lowrie of doing. Lying. Now, he can’t even get any love on Facebook from Pro-Life citizens.

jeff thompson deanna marie candler 100% pro life
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As a matter of fact, according to One Girl Revolution blogger, Deanna Marie Candler, the Thompson campaign deleted her comment. All she did was point out that Duke Lowrie was also given a 100% rating by the Louisiana Right to Life Federation. Jeff Thompson also blocked her – even though Deanna is not a voter in District 8.

The point is not whether Duke Lowrie or Jeff Thompson are Pro-Life. Apparently they are, but that doesn’t really matter in a state race. Getting around Roe v Wade is challenging at the federal level, much less the state.

The point is that Jeff Thompson can’t take the heat when the facts are pointed out. Had he handled it differently – like maybe acknowledging the fact and thanking Deanna for pointing it out, then he might have actually gained some credibility.

Instead, he lost credibility again. Twice. In one week.

UPDATE: I’d like to point out that in all fairness, Jeff Thompson probably posted that just slightly before Duke turned in his questionnaire.  However, I stand by my point that he shouldn’t have deleted Deanna’s comments.

Duke Lowrie for District 8

The 2011 elections will be upon us soon, and there are several coming up for Bossier City and Bossier Parish. One of the choices will be for Louisiana District 8 state representative. Currently held by Jane Smith, the seat will be vacated due to term limits.

I met Duke Lowrie through Facebook. As a matter of fact, I can’t even remember who our “common friend” was at the time. At any rate, after checking out Duke’s profile and some of his postings, I knew we had many things in common.

  • Small business
  • Hunting, fishing, guns, outdoors
  • Conservative in politics

After a few discussions, Duke invited me to a campaign committee meeting. It took off from there.

With hours of phone calls and emails behind us, I can say without hesitation that Duke stands for virtually everything that I stand for – family values, personal responsibility, 2nd Amendent rights, smaller government, etc.

He is a sincere guy that I strongly believe is looking out for our interests as conservatives. He has the experience as a civil servant, entrepreneur, father, husband, and outdoorsman to  introduce and support legislation that is meaningful.

As the race progresses, I hope to have a few question and answer sessions with Duke and possibly an interview or 2 or 3.

Disclaimer: I am the current web developer and tech consultant for the Duke Lowrie Campaign. As the campaign season goes into full swing, there will be additional information posted on Duke’s website.