Obama’s Budget and Cuts – For Dummies

by rex February 17, 2011 economy

The spending cut rhetoric is killing me. Oh boy, they are going to cut $60billion from the budget. Wow. They are going to cut $100billion – well that’s better but still way off the mark. Why? Let me put this in a context that most of us can understand, and let me keep this post […]

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Just what did Obama inherit

by rex October 10, 2010 economy
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I don’t know how many times Obama has spouted off about “inheriting” this and all that. He makes me tired just listening to the rhetoric so I decided to remind everyone about a few things. (Well, that and my cousin Daniel decided to jump in the pool with some rhetoric without facts.) Ok – so […]

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Budget Funding for Louisiana War Veterans

by rex June 8, 2010 Louisiana Legislature

While I am normally very conservative on government spending, there is one area that I believe should always be funded – taking care of our soldiers and specifically our War Veterans. A good friend and technology client of mine alerted me to the $2 million budget cuts slashed from the 5 War Veterans Homes this […]

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