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Blaming it on Glover

shreveport airport authority agreement

Cedric, you just don’t get it all do you? You are the mayor, not the neighborhood pastor. Perpetuating evil? Nice try at diverting from the subject while at a church.

That’s almost as dumb as saying “your rights are suspended“. I really wish I had been there to record the audio and video at Praise Temple. That would have been a blast to pick apart.

“Mr. Wooley ought to be ashamed for attempting to try to blame it on her. I find it interesting that we can profess to be a Christian but at the same time we can perpetuate evil to those that have done us no harm. But that’s politics.” — Shreveport Mayor Cedric Glover

First off, Glover, Lillian Priest and the company she was involved with took the money and did not complete the project. That’s not blaming her – it’s stating a fact. The blame lies with you for apparently not pursuing the $750k – $1m that is missing. Here are the relevant documents:

saa terminates air reunion

Shreveport Air Authority Agreement with Air Reunion, LLC

Shreveport Airport Authority Special Meeting – Terminate Air Reunion

  • Now Cedric, are you going to explain why the contract was terminated?
  • Are you going to explain the link between you and Lillian Priest?
  • So how much of the work actually was completed, Cedric?

While we are on the subject, here are a few more questions:

  • How do you intend to pay for the additional police officers hired from the stimulus money?
  • Why did you need that SUV?

Wooley vs Glover – Mayors Forum

Note: Video embedded at end of article. Approx 48 mins.

Well I have to admit, the Shreveport Mayors Forum at Broadmoor Presbyterian Church was pretty interesting. Bryan Wooley came out swinging, and Glover did his best to dodge the punches. I have to give both of them credit for standing up to the questions.

I got the opportunity to meet Zach Bruhnke, friend on Facebook, as well as Ryan Wooley and a few of my clients. Just stop and think for a minute about how social media is changing us as a society. I experience this all the time in my tech business, but it’s still impressive.

I’ve been slightly critical of Bryan Wooley here and on Facebook. The little bit of publicity I had seen didn’t impress me that much. However, tonight he was pretty much on target and on message. He was articulate and spoke clearly without too much rambling.

Wooley was not afraid to throw the correct punches and there is a lot to be said about that in a candidate. I think we’ve all had it with political correctness.

Wooley focused quite a bit on the need for an accessible mayor and meeting with people to get things done. He also hit pretty hard on the Shreveport Police pay raise issue and Glover’s acceptance of stimulus money to hire more officers with no long-term way to pay.

When asked about a ~$90k loan that wasn’t supposedly wasn’t repaid, Wooley simply said it wasn’t true. Concerning a restraining order, Wooley confirmed it and stated that he and his ex-wife now have a good relationship.

Everyone knows that I don’t like Cedric Glover; however, he handled the questions relatively well even if he did throw out the red herrings to skirt around the Lillian Priest Airport issue. Instead of actually addressing where the missing money went, Glover avoided the issue by trying to lay the blame on a “good ole boy network.” I guess he forgets that the events and contracts are well documented, but then that is typical Glover.

Over the next two weeks you are going to hear all sorts of things…I can tell you who the guy was standing on the grassy knoll…what you are seeing is the good ole boy network…so that they can control things like the airport. Folks that right now tell Bryan things that have no basis in fact. — Mayor Cedric Glover

The matter he is referring to happened several years ago. — Mayor Cedric Glover

We believe this is a perfect example of corruption…Less than 3% of the work was done yet they were paid in full…and you as the taxpayer have lost your money.  — Bryan Wooley

Concerning the firing and rehiring of Roy Miller (Shreveport Airport Authority), Glover said that he didn’t feel it was an appropriate way to handle things when the mayor went out of town.

I came to the decision that we needed to see change…You do not dismiss or fire an individual based on that way. I felt that was not a proper and appropriate way to handle that situation. –Cedric Glover

When asked about the Section 8 residents donating $7500, Glover stated that the filing was amended after the error was realized.

Glover has a natural tendency to ramble quite a bit, but that is his style. I will also give him credit for a very decent and respectful answer concerning the “restraining order” question. He also had the stats on decreasing crime and progress on the budget.

See there Calvin? I can give Glover credit for something.

Note: To Zach’s dismay, if I were a Shreveport voter, I’d have to go with Wooley after this debate. His answers seemed to be more focused and on target. Yeah, he may have a few skeletons in his closet, but I’m quite sure Big G does too.

Note: Please forgive some of the shakey footage. It was done handheld with a Flip HD and an iPhone 4.

Gerry May tries to cover his bits

If you’ve followed any of my comments on Gerry’s blog or on Gerry’s facebook wall, you know that I chided him about “not publishing the source” of his mysterious poll numbers. According to KTBS’s Gerry May, they were from a trusted source.

My question was “If the source is trusted, why can’t you name it?”
Turns out that Gerry is now owning up to a major mistake. Bryan Wooley had a strong 2nd place showing in the Shreveport mayoral race – in stark contrast to Gerry’s blog’s poll numbers.
“… I don’t see egg on my face. But it’s there. Let me see if I can wipe it off.” — Gerry May
The problem is that Gerry’s blog, while not part of the major KTBS coverage, is still widely read. Therefore, it probably did have a detrimental effect on the Wooley campaign. It was definitely NOT the best idea to continue posting the anonymous numbers without owning up to the source.
  • Is there any way to gauge how much affect it had? Not really.
  • Should Gerry be reprimanded for pushing the numbers? I think the court of public opinon will be enough.
  • Does Gerry get brownie points for owning his mistake? A few.
  • Should we trust poll numbers or data (of any sort) without a source? Never.

Parker took his toys and went home

click to enlarge

This is why 18 year old high school seniors don’t get elected mayor. They simply can’t handle the pressure and are too easily led astray.

First, Parker whined about Gerry May’s blog and reference to Parker’s past penchant for Elvis impersonations. Plus, he was, to quote him, “hurt” by the mention and being considered part of the “4 other candidates.”

click to enlarge

Second, as most of you are aware, Bryan Wooley’s campaign had a “feed and transport” event on Cooper Road. To say that the idea gained Wooley attention is an understatement. Plenty of people pulled out their race cards – including young mayoral candidate Parker Ward. So I called him out on the issue.

Parker couldn’t stand the heat, defriended me on Facebook, and then mysteriously started removing some of his comments where he claimed Wooley “broke the law.” Jim Wells, over at the MyBossier blog, confirmed the comment removals, but sent me screenshots just in case.

click for a larger image

Now this is where the situation gets really odd. I received an email this afternoon from someone who posts on the KTBS website – with screenshots attached. I checked it out for myself, verified it, and took my own screenshots

Apparently, young Parker has been doing a bit of trolling on the KTBS site under multiple aliases. Very interesting – especially since he wasn’t smart enough to use multiple profiles with anonymous email addresses. What an amateur!

click for a larger image

When you click on someone’s profile on the KTBS website, it plainly shows your comment history (unless you opt out) including all alias names you’ve used.

Even more importantly for the Shreveport mayors race, this is deceptive. He was purposely trying to make it look like he had supporters who actually took the time the post on the KTBS.com website.

That’s absurdly stupid.