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Calvin Lester supports Sarah Palin

calvin lester supports sarah palin

Did Superman fly backwards – and then upside down? Shreveport City Councilman (and proud liberal) Calvin Lester has basically given acceptance to former Governor Sarah Palin.

if you want to run for President, then quit being Governor, and run, like Mrs. Palin. — Calvin Lester via Facebook

Ok – he didn’t exactly say he supported her. However, in a tirade supporting a 2TheAdvocate article, Calvin implied that Sarah did the right thing by resigning as governor of Alaska.

Now, isn’t that in stark contrast to the liberal mantra of a year ago? Sarah was “a quitter” then, but then that wasn’t convenient for an argument.

calvin lester tweets for palin

Spending on Education – Less Bang for the Buck


For my friends who think “spend more” is the answer to everything – we continue to do that with education, but what do we get in return? Decreasing performance.

Recently on his Facebook wall, Calvin Lester referenced an article from The Daily Kingfish that berated Bobby Jindal for handing out stimulus money while campaigning against accepting the funds. There is some truth to that, but here is where Calvin hit another nerve.

when is someone going to start holding leadership accountable for the gutting of Louisiana Higher Education? – Calvin Lester

How much spending is enough? Money is NOT the answer. We spent less money 20 years ago and had higher worldwide rankings. The problem is that education is no longer about the educating students for the vast majority of schools.

Most Louisiana institutions want enrollment and institutional classification because that equates to funding and economic influence. — James H. Warton, Chancellor Emeritus LSU, BusinessReport.com Article

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K-12 educational spending by the state of Louisiana has increased from an average of $6,547 per pupil up to $12,368 per pupil. The largest increase was from 200-7-2009 where per-pupil spending jumped approximately $2,300 per student!

You thought we were spending less on state education? You thought the evil Republican Bobby Jindal was spending less on K-12 education? Not hardly, and therein lies the problem.

Today, state education leaders announced that Louisiana has applied for the recently enacted federal Education Jobs Fund. Louisiana is eligible to receive approximately $147 million through the $10 billion federal allocation. — LA Department of Education Press Release

The states are hooked on federal dollars like crack. That means that the federal government can and will hold the states hostage with the money. Spend more and more and get hooked worse and worse. Follow the “new way” of teaching and the scores get lower and lower.

It’s simple math – and obviously a lot of people haven’t learned it.