Louisiana Legislature

Budget Funding for Louisiana War Veterans

by rex June 8, 2010 Louisiana Legislature

While I am normally very conservative on government spending, there is one area that I believe should always be funded – taking care of our soldiers and specifically our War Veterans. A good friend and technology client of mine alerted me to the $2 million budget cuts slashed from the 5 War Veterans Homes this […]

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Will he sing for Cedric Glover Too?

by rex July 7, 2009 Louisiana Legislature

Am I in the twilight zone? What is this moron doing at our state legislature? You mean to tell me that we are wasting time and tax dollars while our state representatives are forced to endure this? Who is Hurricane Chris and why is he rapping about Halle Berry – in front of the Louisiana […]

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You Can't Legislate Irresponsibility

by rex October 6, 2008 Louisiana Legislature

Some things never change…Recently, the Shreveport Times reported on resistance to ATV (4-wheeler) legislation that would have required stricter regulations. Here is the problem with that logic. It won’t work. Twenty years ago, the Consumer Product Safety Commission responded to safety concerns by negotiating a consent decree with ATV manufacturers. The decree required manufacturers to, […]

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