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Cracker Barrel and Phil Robertson – Definitely Corporate to Yank Phil

Ok – so as the controversy continues to swirl, I called the Shreveport Cracker Barrel again and spoke to Chris who is the “retail manager.”

It was definitely a corporate decision to yank the merchandise with Phil on it. They are feeling the backlash – and the retail manager did not agree with the corporate decision. He doesn’t want to lose the business. Smart guy.

Little Nigga Shoes and Shackles

adidas racism racist morons

As you may remember from my Nigga Please post, I can’t stand racial hypocrisy. Playing the race card has turned into it’s own industry commanded by the likes of Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton. If there is money to be made or a way to stir the base and potentially incite a riot, those 2 dolts will be there.

At any rate, I happened to read a Facebook post by Calvin Lester about Adidas shoes and shackles. While Calvin didn’t mention the word racist, he certainly asked for opinions and linked to an article full of commenters crying racisim.

This is just dumb on several levels.

First, how in the hell can a pair of shoes be racist? What – are the shackles going to trip the wearer into a noose for lynching? Do you people (that means you race baiting morons out there) really think that Adidas is run by a bunch of racist white rednecks who are hell-bent on alienating a large part of their client base?

twitter tweet nigga calvin

Second, I suppose now surfboards can be considered racist! After all, you have to shackle/strap them to your ankles. Maybe that’s why there are not many black surfers?

Third, are you people (yeah you race baiting morons out there) so bored that you have nothing better to do than make sure everyone can see the chip on your shoulder?

Lastly, exactly when is it ok to use the word nigga or nigger? Only when it is conveniently not involving the race card?

Give me a break morons….

Nigga Please

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In light of the recent Rick Perry “Niggerhead” hunting lease ordeal, I thought I’d go ahead and release this article. Enjoy.

Anyone that has lived in the South knows that the whole furor over using the “n” word is a bunch of hypocritical bull. Blacks use it more than any of the so-called racist white folks. The whole conversation is a self-fulfilling prophesy.

You see, unless liberals keep bringing up the issue of race, it will die and go away. The funny thing is that liberals love to bring up the issue of racism – and accuse conservatives of being racist, but they never want to bring up the true history of their own party – DixieCrats ring a bell? What about the origins of the KKK?

Does that mean that there will never racist people in our society? Of course, there will always be some who are racist. That is human nature. However, there are just as many black racists as there are white racists. However, if we quit making it such an issue, those fringe elements will be marginalized.

The majority of blacks have no problem with calling each other “nigga”, “nigger”, “brother”, “brotha”, or any other term that white people are not allowed to say. Just look at all the rap lyrics using nigga (N.W.A. anyone), go to a black club on any given night, or just visit a local school and hang out with a predominantly black group – and you will hear language that would be considered racist anywhere else. This is hypocrisy at it’s finest – and white politicians and news reporters fall for it all the time, and have to step on eggshells.

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Does that mean I personally want to be able to use those terms? Nope.

Anyone that knows me – knows that I am not racist at all. I don’t care if you are black, white, pink, or purple – as long as you are aking care of your family and life like a good citizen – then we have no problem with each other.

Everyone needs to get off their high-horse and put down the race cards. Just because someone offers a rally in a predominantly black area – at a chicken wing business – does not mean they are racist. Does it mean they are pandering to the black voters in the area? Why sure – that’s what politicians do. Let’s not pretend otherwise.

White Districts

“House members could learn this week about a plan to create a new district aimed at electing another WHITE representative from Shreveport…She’s a member of the Louisiana Legislative WHITE Caucus, which has a goal of electing more WHITE members to the state Legislature and Congress.”

black panthers voter intimidation

What if the redistricting article from the Shreveport Times contained that language? I’m certainly no expert on state district lines. As a matter of fact, I’m just now starting to get more involved in local politics – more on that subject in the near future. However, I do know hypocrisy when I see it.

Let me explain.

I have a lot of friends and clients who are minority – black, Hispanic, Asian, etc. Among ourselves, we generally have no problem discussing race relations. After all, everyone knows that the racism or racial divisions are on both sides of the street. One of the reasons many of my black friends/clients respect me is because I make no issues about discussing race. Like I always say – “I don’t care if you are black, white, pink, or purple – as long as you are a good productive member of society.”

Do I mind being the “really smart white guy”? Nope. Not at all. Do my black friends/clients mind sharing their disdain for the breakdown of the black family structure? Of course not, I’ve had those discussions many times.

My point is that if my opening statement had been printed, everyone would go hog-wild on the “racially incorrect” tone – so I decided to search a little further.

According to the Louisiana Legislative Black Caucus, one of their stated goals is the following:

Providing leadership in challenging policies which hinder the progress of African Americans.

Interesting statement isn’t it? I mean think about it for a minute. Can someone name a law or policy on the books that “hinders the progress of African Americans”? If so, it sounds like it’s time for a federal Civil Rights lawsuit.

I’m certainly not going to deny that there was discrimination against blacks in the past – at the local, state, and federal levels. That’s been quite a few years ago. Most of the politicians that started it (predominantly white democrats) have come clean from the overt racist policies to hold blacks back. Now they just use things like Affirmative Action.

-Expanding voting rights

Huh? Since when have minorities NOT been able to vote in this country? As best I can remember, the Voting Rights Act pretty much took care of that around 1965 or so. Maybe they are talking about the expanding voting rights by suppressing other races – like the Black Panthers tried in Philly during the 2008 presidential election?

“You have a night stick in your hand.” – videographer

“So what.” – Black Panther

-Eliminating Jim Crow laws

Eliminating Jim Crow laws sounds very interesting, especially since the LLBC was formed in the 1980’s. Most of the Jim Crow laws that I’m aware of (school segregation, separate but equal, etc) were also eliminated around the mid 1960’s. The pretty much pre-dates the LLBC doesn’t it?

So why does the hypocrisy continue? Simple. You need a self-fulfilling prophesy (minorities are disadvantaged) to draw people to your cause.