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Shoot or Not in Fort Bend

This one is tough. The cops definitely tried to talk, command, and warn him. Mentally ill or not, he had a knife and did charge the officers. Yes – he tripped on the tub BUT he had already committed at that point. Could the cop have made a different decision? Sure – but it was a split second thing. The guy could have stood back up and continued forward possibly stabbing someone.

Could they have waited it out? Sure, but in that scenario the guy may have continued slashing himself. Then the family would be suing over inaction. As it stands right now, they have enlisted the services of Quanell X, of Black Panther fame. That adds a little bit of a suspicious element to the camera placement in the home. Do I blame the family for recording the police? Of course not – but why was the camera pointing at the bathroom?

The 11 shots certainly aren’t the issue. Once you decide to use deadly force against a threat – you continue to use force until the threat is eliminated.

The mental health issues are NOT the responsibility of the officers. That is on the family for not intervening before it got to this point.

Personally, I think there were opportunities for the officers to have eliminated the knife threat before the shooting, but in the end I actually side with the cops on this one. Don’t get into a deadly fight because you might end up … well dead.

Japan’s Devastation

credit to wikipedia

You can’t help but watch the youtube videos and become entranced by the utter devastation of what is happening in Japan. Not only are they dealing with an earthquake so strong that it is believed to have moved the whole mainland 8ft and shifted the entire planet on its axis by 4 inches, but the tsunami’s are pounding the coast.

There have been over 160 aftershocks with many of them stronger than most major quakes. Japan is part of the area known as the “Ring of Fire” and has about 10% of the world’s active volcanoes.  The Great Kantō earthquake of 1923 killed an estimated 130,000 people.

With the warning systems and preparations today, hopefully the death toll will be much much lower. Either way, this is devastating. It will be interesting to watch the recovery over the next few months and years after an earth-altering event such as this.

This should make us all feel just a little bit smaller in the big scheme of things in life.

Aware of Albert’s Pike

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And to turn that around, why?

KTBS just ran a story on the flood tragedy at Camp Albert Pike in Arkansas this spring. The National Forest Service admitted it no evacuation plan in place. Thank you captain obvious.

While I’m certainly sorry the tragedy happened, and my heart goes out to the families – normal people assume there is risk in just about any situation.  Does this mean that the cities or feds are responsible every time there is a damaging or deadly tornado but little or no warning?

I’m glad to see that the staff at the campsites will receive some training, and I’m glad that some warning systems will be put in place. That will help.

With that said, I always try to be acutely aware of my surroundings any time I take my family into any situation, whether its camping at WolfPen Gap in Mena, to the state fair in Shreveport, or just out to dinner. Might sound crazy, but I’m always asking myself “what if”.

Does that mean we can survive any situation? Nope, but I’d rather be prepared mentally to increase our chances.