Shoot or Not in Fort Bend

by rex May 10, 2014 tragedies

This one is tough. The cops definitely tried to talk, command, and warn him. Mentally ill or not, he had a knife and did charge the officers. Yes – he tripped on the tub BUT he had already committed at that point. Could the cop have made a different decision? Sure – but it was […]

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Japan’s Devastation

by rex March 13, 2011 tragedies
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You can’t help but watch the youtube videos and become entranced by the utter devastation of what is happening in Japan. Not only are they dealing with an earthquake so strong that it is believed to have moved the whole mainland 8ft and shifted the entire planet on its axis by 4 inches, but the […]

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Aware of Albert’s Pike

by rex October 23, 2010 tragedies
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And to turn that around, why? KTBS just ran a story on the flood tragedy at Camp Albert Pike in Arkansas this spring. The National Forest Service admitted it no evacuation plan in place. Thank you captain obvious. While I’m certainly sorry the tragedy happened, and my heart goes out to the families – normal […]

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