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Facebook and Liberals – Again

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People post the dumbest things. Somehow, a liberal friend of a friend became a friend of mine on Facebook. That wouldn’t be so bad since I do have a few liberal friends.  In this case, I finally couldn’t stand it.

Byron Gates, Jr, posted a complaint on his wall about the billboard in Iowa from the North Iowa Tea Party. It put Hitler, Obama, and Lenin on the same level, and contained the “outrageous” phrase Live Free or Die at the bottom. This has caused an uproar in many liberal, progressive, and socialist circles.

To think that such imagery would be used! How could such a violent phrase – live free or die – be used! Here’s the funny thing.

Live Free or Die is the state motto of New Hampshire. It’s even on their license plates.

Classic failure on the part of liberals. They forget the vile rhetoric aimed at Bush/Cheney, Clinton/Gore, Bush/Quayle, and Reagan/Bush. Of course Carter deserves everything that was said about him – then and now.

So what does this have to do with Facebook and Byron Gates, Jr? Well, he put up his wall post with the statement: “Can you believe the assholes. Even if you love the Tea Party, even if you are a conservative at any level, this is just downright offensive.”

Then he later stated, “Too much money, too little brains. They are a joke.” Of course, he was referring to conservatives and Tea Party people. Therein lies the problem for Byron. He tries, like most liberals, to put himself on a pedestal above others. That simply doesn’t hold water with his weak debate skills and zero command of the facts.

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He simply feels good preaching to the choir of his friends where they can pat each other on the back and feel good. Naturally, I posted a reply and was promptly “blocked” from his wall.

Perfect ending.

Missing the Tea Party

Recently, it has finally become apparent that the Tea Party is more than just a bunch of gun-toting radical Conservatives against Obama. The Tea Party is a movement against the state of the Federal, state, and local government for the last 20 years.

For us Conservatives, this is more of a movement than a party. Do I think there will be a “Tea Party Candidate?” Not really, but I do think there will be candidates who need the support of those in the Tea Party.

As I stated before, Obama’s greatest gift to the American people is that he has galvanized main-stream citizens and made us wake up. That is the Tea Party as I see it – the people who are now aware. Even AlJazeera gets it.

Those who are far-left of center just don’t get it, or they are trying to avoid the inevitable. There is a shift in thinking. It’s about time, and hopefully it’s not too late. Independent and conservative people, who are the majority, have decided that it’s time to “take back” the country.

Is there going to be a radical and violent takeover like the liberals in the 60’s and 70’s. Probably not. What about all the “revolution” hype that is going around? Well, lets just let Thomas Jefferson speak for us.

When the people fear their government, there is tyranny; when the government fears the people, there is liberty. – Thomas Jefferson

That does not mean that Tea Party members are ready to wage war against our government. No. Of course not, but it does mean that the government should best remember who put them there – and who can take them out whether that is through voting or if need be eventually force.

For quite some time, there have not been enough people who will stand on their principles. Sure, people talk a tough game when they are sitting in their own living room, but it has taken 20 years of a government that is too far-reaching and basically corrupt – to get people out of their living room.

Yes, there have been anti-war protests, anti-Clinton ads, anti-Bush raps, Google Bombs and more. The list goes on. The Tea Party represents an “anti government gone awry” protest though. Take a look at the people in the news coverage. They are not radical gun-toting militia groups. The vast majority are common everyday folks who are fed up.

Are there some fringe elements? You betcha. Do they deserve a voice? Actually, yes just like the fringe left deserves a voice. Does that mean that all Tea Party people agree with the fringe groups. Nope.

So where do I personally stand on all of this? I stand in the same place that I always have. On the right side.