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Garner Guns and Police Protection

Of course the Eric Garner situation has done nothing but add fuel to the racial embers burning in the black communities. While the vast majority of “white America” has been over the racial divide for last 10-20 years, the race hustlers continue to stir the pot. After all – it’s how they make their living.

Naturally, the debate rages on social media, so I figured I’d share one of my recent conversations. Calvin Lester decided to share Rep Hank Johnson (D-GA) ridiculous “I can’t breathe” speech from the House floor.

As a reminder, Rep Hank Johnson has already provided us with a wealth of comedy – he thinks Guam (the island territory) might actually tip over. Even The Young Turks can’t defend that one..



Screen Shot 2014-12-31 at 10.29.41 AMEnjoy.

@Jarvis – maybe you misunderstand. “We” don’t have guns because of a mistrust of the police at the all. “We” actually trust the police to do their job – which is NOT protecting “us”. That would require some sort of pre-crime analysis which isn’t possible with current technology. Protection also isn’t feasible since it would require 24/7 supervision for all of us. There simply aren’t enough cops.

The job of the police is law enforcement, hence their title as law enforcement officers. That enforcement happens AFTER the fact 95% of the time. Of course, that means a crime has to first happen before they can show up with the lights and guns and yellow tape.

“We” have guns (and other means) of protection because we believe that ultimately “we” are responsible for both our own actions and our safety.


In the case of Garner, I do agree with you that the actions by the cops were ridiculous. Whether they were on orders to increase the pressure on the local riff-raff doesn’t matter. Arrest for selling illegal cigarettes? Really?

In my opinion that should be a ticket and court appearance. If the local businesses complained (apparently) then give him the opportunity to vacate the area or face arrest.

I also don’t care if he had a record or not. This was an overstep of the local government – not of the police.

On the other hand, verbally resisting and complaining is not the same as physically resisting. Once he physically resisted, the outcome was never going to be in his favor. More cops will simply show up. Did he “fight” the cops? Not exactly – but as any parent knows, trying to drag or control or contain a child throwing a tantrum where you are fighting dead weight is difficult enough. Now imagine a 350lb man.

Ultimately, the cop(s) did NOT kill Garner. He killed himself by his actions that were precipitated by local overreach.

California is full of racists

In case you didn’t know (because you were hiding in a cave), there has been an ongoing “hypocritical righteous war” waged against Arizona’s SB1040. But what about those that are screaming the most?

Let’s look at San Francisco first. If you didn’t know, SF is a “sanctuary city”. No, that is not a label from right wing nuts. They actually have declared it for themselves. San Francisco has actually passed ordinances causing their law enforcement officers to violate federal law and the laws of the state of California.

So what makes them a hypocrite? San Francisco’s own ordinances, even as a sanctuary city, allows reporting to the INS after arrest anyway.

Nothing in this Chapter shall prohibit, or be construed as prohibiting, a law enforcement officer…(b) cooperating with an INS request for information regarding an individual who has been convicted of a felony committed in violation of the laws of the State of California…

click for larger version

So what about California itself? Is there any hypocrisy there after Arnold’s jokes about Arizona’s law? Yep. 834b of the California Penal Code sure does look like it would allow racial profiling.

You mean the boycotts from these cities and states might be from hypocritical morons who can’t read?

Nope. I’m not saying they “might” be.

I’m saying they are hypocritical morons who can’t read.

hint: obama and holder

Uh Oh – Immigration Hypocrisy Alert

Well, much has been made of the “racist Republicans” over the Arizona Senate Bill 1070 aka “The Immigration Bill”. Of course, most of the chatter is from people who have not read the bill whatsoever. Much of the discussion is just based on a quick-rising urban myth phenomenon.

As a matter of fact, we had quite a thread going on Facebook concerning the issue. Several posters to a thread by Calvin Lester played the race card and of course the profiling mantra. For this post, I want to point out the obvious hypocrisy though.

Well it appears that the Reid-Schumer-Menendez Immigration Draft Document actually has some great points. Even the Daily KOS supports most it – well sort of. The funny thing is that you don’t hear the liberal morons kicking and screaming over this one. Let me give you a few select points that are directly from the draft:

“increased number of personnel to conduct inspections for drugs, contraband, and illegal immigrants at America’s ports of entry;”

Now wait a minute. That would mean if you are a Hispanic American then you might be checked? Hey – could that be racial profiling?

increased immigration court resources to expedite the removal of unlawfully present individuals.

Hey – that is picking on Hispanics only. Since they are primarily the race coming over the border (I haven’t heard of many Irish folks doing it), this means that Hispanics will be unfairly targeted. That’s not fair!

use of Department of Defense equipment at the border;

Now that’s just not fair. Those poor illegal undocumented aliens will be outgunned!

who attempt to illegally enter or smuggle people, including terrorists, or contraband, including weapons of mass destruction or narcotics

Did they just call the illegal undocumented workers terrorists and drug dealers in the same sentence. WOW!

accomplish border enforcement without engaging in racial profiling;

Oh – that’s kind of like the “lawful contact” portion of the Arizona bill. Great – the feds sure are on top of everything!

They will also be equipped with weapons, including non-lethal intermediate force weapons,

Now can’t that be considered a potential for torture? After those poor downtrodden illegal undocumented Mexicans Hispanics have walked such a long distance in all that heat, I’m sure the stun guns will feel great – if they don’t go into a writhing cardiac arrest. OMG!

It will also create a Commission on Wartime Treatment of European Americas to review the United States Government’s wartime treatment of European Americans and European Latin Americans during World War II…

Hey – that’s distracting from the issue at hand! I bet they are going to offer financial reparations to people from WWII while letting the Mexicans get harrassed! THATS NOT FAIR!

You see, I could go on and on with this garbage.  Instead, let me just give you my actual experience on the border. Back in the early ‘9os, I hunted less than 30 miles from the Texas-Mexico border between Bracketville and Del Rio Texas. Every single time I was in a deer stand I saw an illegal Mexican making his or her way through the brush. Obviously, they were literally risking their lives in front of white rednecks with guns just to get in this country.

In my isolated experience I probably saw 100 or so. That was back in the 1990’s. In one little spot. It certainly hasn’t gotten any better.