California is full of racists

by rex May 17, 2010 immigration

In case you didn’t know (because you were hiding in a cave), there has been an ongoing “hypocritical righteous war” waged against Arizona’s SB1040. But what about those that are screaming the most? Let’s look at San Francisco first. If you didn’t know, SF is a “sanctuary city”. No, that is not a label from […]

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Uh Oh – Immigration Hypocrisy Alert

by rex April 30, 2010 immigration

Well, much has been made of the “racist Republicans” over the Arizona Senate Bill 1070 aka “The Immigration Bill”. Of course, most of the chatter is from people who have not read the bill whatsoever. Much of the discussion is just based on a quick-rising urban myth phenomenon. As a matter of fact, we had […]

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