Obama and the Commoners

by rex January 24, 2015 obama
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If you read this blog or follow me on twitter or on facebook, then you know that I am generally NO FAN of president Obama … so it may seem a little strange that I’m actually siding with the same person that I consistently call a moron. The recent Obama Interviews on Youtube have generated […]

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Where’s Obama’s Spin?

by rex March 21, 2011 obama
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You would think that since Obama is the smartest guy on the planet – even above Al Gore, he would be able to spin the whole Libya thing into a positive right? After all, he has spun the following (albeit some more successfully than others): Social justice Distributing wealth – Joe the Plumber Tea partiers […]

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War on the Poor and Obama

by rex March 19, 2011 economy
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I started out reading this Crooks and Liars post to laugh at the progressive rant against the evil republicans. It turns out that is was a very good insight into some of the problems that Obama faces. Let’s start with the original reason for the blog post – republicans waging a war on the poor. […]

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Just what did Obama inherit

by rex October 10, 2010 economy
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I don’t know how many times Obama has spouted off about “inheriting” this and all that. He makes me tired just listening to the rhetoric so I decided to remind everyone about a few things. (Well, that and my cousin Daniel decided to jump in the pool with some rhetoric without facts.) Ok – so […]

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