What happened to the melting pot?

by rex March 27, 2011 immigration
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Does anyone but me remember the “melting pot” theory? Basically, it stated that as immigrants came to America they assimilated into our culture. This was taught in public schools (at least in Monroe and Haynesville) into the early 80’s. Then it disappeared. What replaced it? Multiculturalism and the salad bowl. We all know that the […]

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First Class for Hank’s Race Card

by rex October 9, 2010 calvin lester
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I love Facebook. You get to see such a “diverse” group of people and their true thoughts. Especially when it comes to politics and especially immigration issues. Calvin Lester linked over to a Washington Post article about the recent David Vitter ad. No, Vitter wasn’t looking for prostitutes this time. Of course, Calvin almost always […]

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California is full of racists

by rex May 17, 2010 immigration

In case you didn’t know (because you were hiding in a cave), there has been an ongoing “hypocritical righteous war” waged against Arizona’s SB1040. But what about those that are screaming the most? Let’s look at San Francisco first. If you didn’t know, SF is a “sanctuary city”. No, that is not a label from […]

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Mike McConnell on Illegal Aliens

by rex May 2, 2010 immigration

Mike McConnell’s show is great. He doesn’t tend to be left or right – he just makes sense. Listen to at least the first few minutes of his radio show from 5/1/2010 2nd hour. He absolutely exposes the hypocrisy and comedy of the whole Arizona situation. Play in new window | Download

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