Crawfish Stamps

by rex June 30, 2012 economy
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Is there anyone out there who can explain this to me? Why in the hell does someone on food stamps (EBT) need to be able to purchase crawfish? Let me break it down for everyone reading. IF you require the assistance of my tax dollars to help feed your family, I DON”T CARE whether you […]

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The Depression of 1920

by rex March 26, 2011 economy
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Thanks to Chad Rogers’ blog (and visit The Dead Pelican) for pointing me to this speech. While I have certainly studied the Depression of 1920, Tom Woods‘ puts it in great perspective. As a quick reminder, that depression was very sharp but also short-lived compared to the Great Depression. Why was it short-lived? Naturally there […]

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Obama’s Budget and Cuts – For Dummies

by rex February 17, 2011 economy

The spending cut rhetoric is killing me. Oh boy, they are going to cut $60billion from the budget. Wow. They are going to cut $100billion – well that’s better but still way off the mark. Why? Let me put this in a context that most of us can understand, and let me keep this post […]

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Millionaire’s Tax Rant

by rex December 1, 2010 calvin lester
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As many of you know, Facebook provides a fertile ground for political and economic debate. This one ended up pretty good, so I’m posting it here. You can read the full thread by reading the image at the bottom of this article. Calvin Ben Lester: How can you be seriously for deficit reduction and give […]

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