Pot or Not – Dr. Fleming

by rex May 10, 2014 drugs
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“…public has never accepted marijuana as a part of our culture,” Fleming argued. I don’t smoke pot. I never have and never will. However, Fleming is just wrong on this point. Maybe he should look back at the history of the “war on drugs” in our country. Regulations on cannabis began during the 1600’s in […]

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Marijuana Farms at the Taxpayer's Expense

by rex October 12, 2008 drugs

Well this article caught me totally by surprise – I had no idea that so many ganja farmers were using public lands. In 2007, rangers found more than 20,000 plants in Yosemite National Park and 43,000 plants in Sequoia Kings Canyon National Park, where 159 grow sites have been discovered over the past 10 years. […]

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Meth Watch Program?

by rex October 8, 2008 drugs

I just ran across this picture I took about a year ago in Quitman, TX, on Hwy 154. I was driving back from Sulphur Springs, TX, after working on a client’s network. As I drove by I glanced over and nearly had a wreck! Whose briliant idea was it to come up with a “Meth […]

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