Obama’s Arms Trade Treaty and Gun Rights

by rex July 8, 2012 election 2012
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Many of you may be wondering about the Arms Trade Treaty. I’m sure a lot of you have read emails purporting that the UN (United Nations) would be able to completely circumvent the 2nd Amendment and take all of our guns away. So what is the truth about this possible treaty? Well, first let’s do […]

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Calories In Calories out

by rex July 1, 2012 healthcare
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Many of you may not know this, but the Obamacare bill also has $15 Billion dollars wrapped around for obesity issues. So the questions become these: (1) Do we have an obesity epidemic and (2) Is government the solution? My wife Genia had struggled with her weight for the last several years. Like many Americans, […]

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Crawfish Stamps

by rex June 30, 2012 economy
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Is there anyone out there who can explain this to me? Why in the hell does someone on food stamps (EBT) need to be able to purchase crawfish? Let me break it down for everyone reading. IF you require the assistance of my tax dollars to help feed your family, I DON”T CARE whether you […]

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What is a Conservative?

by rex June 3, 2012 election 2012

It’s funny how a lot of people use the word “conservative” and love to throw it around. We are supposed to be pro guns, against gay marriage, oppose abortion, support increased military everywhere but against government spending, anti-illegal immigration, and a whole litany of other things. Defining a conservative suddenly becomes a very complex thing when […]

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