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Sammy Wyatt Responds

Well that didn’t take long. Kudos to Sammy Wyatt for calling my voicemail line and leaving a message to clarify some of his positions.

Let’s start with the expansion of the ICAC to include the elderly.

That is Lynn Austin who is planning on doing that. I will not do it…The attorney general’s office has a specific unit and that’s their sole purpose – crimes against the elderly…Both the Shreveport Police, Bossier Police, and both sheriff’s currently have investigators who handle that situation…I have no intention of expanding the ICAC task force to include the elderly. — Sammy Wyatt

After leaving the voicemail, we played phone tag for a few minutes, and then spent another 20 talking about the ICAC issues as well as gun rights.

Expanding the Bossier City Marshals Office

According to Sammy, if he is elected City Marshal, his intention is to “only expand the office into more youth programs, but not expand financially.” We discussed the current state of fiscal affairs, and Sammy agrees with us conservatives. He did not mean expansion of the office in terms of more governmental power or spending.

Expanding the ICAC Task Force

As Sammy states on his website, he is for expanding some of the resources in the lab for certified computer forensic examiners. However, he is not for expanding the program as a whole nor for expanding it into the elderly.

Arrest vs. Conviction Rate

There is some discrepancy between the numbers since each agency does not report their stats. The best information we have is from  Chief Deputy Rick Ware of about 59 convictions out of 200 arrests.

Sammy’s position is that many of the cases are probably backlogged at the various district attorneys’ offices or may have been part of a plea bargain. However, he does want to implement a better system of reporting.

Efficiency in the Bossier City Marshals Office

We briefly discussed the Shreveport Marshals Office versus the Bossier one. According to Sammy, one of the first orders of business will be “reviewing the budget and procedures line by line” to see where things can be improved.

Gun Rights – 2nd Amendment

I have no doubt that Sammy fully supports the rights of individuals to carry. We had a long conversation about that issue as well as his thoughts of officer’s actions during traffic stops. We are in agreement over officer safety, but let’s also say that Sammy doesn’t support the notion that “rights can be suspended” during a traffic stop.

Voice Mail from Sammy

Bossier City Marshals – ICAC – Protecting the children

Last night I posted a “yes” for supporting Sammy Wyatt for Bossier City Marshal. That was based on his responses to questions in interviews and specifically to his responses concerning substance abuse. I also thought his answers were fairly succinct. I still hold to those views, but now I’m again reviewing Carl Richard.

This morning I’m taking a little closer look at something – the Internet Crimes Against Children (ICAC) Task Force. I’ve wondered if this whole program was mainly just a “feel good” program. Don’t get me wrong – internet predators and crimes are real, but something is just a bit odd.

this Marshal’s campaign has seen a distortion of what the program is and how it is run, elevating the program to almost mythical status. — Evodna Springer – NWLATPA Blog

I think that actually sums it up better than anything. Mythical Status.

According to Evodna’s recent article, the ICAC has had 200 arrests with 59 convictions. That is based on the statistics that the Bossier City Marshal’s Office is able to provide. Apparently, according to Chief Deputy Rick Ware, the statistical data on arrests and convictions is maintained by each individual law enforcement agency.

Ok – so the IACA is supposed to “facilitate cooperation between various local, parish, state, and federal agencies in the apprehension of internet predators“, but we don’t know the actual statistics on the success? I also wouldn’t consider 200 arrests with 59 convictions anything outstanding.

Either they are harassing people or the District Attorney’s office is asleep, but something isn’t quite right.

As a matter of fact, at this point I’m not even really sure what use the task force really is – other than providing office space, equipment, software, and an internet connection.

Don’t we have the LA State Police and the FBI Cyber Crime for that? I’m sure they have their own equipment that we paid for as well.

If the Bossier City Marshals Office wants to educate the public about “internet crimes”, then fine. A laptop, a LCD projector, and PowerPoint would do.

Bossier Ballot April 2 – City Marshal

The Bossier City Marshal race has certainly heated up and there is a lot of money in play for a local race. Let’s look at my opinion on the 3 candidates.

Lynn Austin – no

I’ve already given my thoughts on Lynn Austin and Matt Sciba is no fan either while Jim Wells has covered the email story too.

It boils down to this. Lynn Austin comes off as “one of the good ole boys” and unfortunately most of us have had enough of that. Yes, a candidate needs friends in many places, but Lynn is correct. He has a long history with the Bossier Parish and Bossier City governments. Maybe too long.

If Lynn is a staunch supporter of an “internet crimes task force”, then he needs to have a better handle on the technology. Don’t tell me you are taking the lead on something when you are a borderline spammer using government resources to further your political campaign.

Sammy Wyatt – yes

After watching the interviews with Matt Sciba (Part 1 and Part 2) and the South Bossier City Assembly, I took a hard look at Sammy Wyatt.

His answers are fairly succinct and Sammy seems to have an energy for the job. When Matt asked about “substance abuse” concerning Johnny Wyatt’s death, Sammy gave a great answer.

“He made a mistake and unfortunately he paid the ultimate price…He was one of the best marshals I’ve ever seen in my lifetime.”

Also, as Jim Wells reported on his Facebook page, Sammy gave another class answer when asked “With the unfortunate circumstances of Johnny Wyatt’s death, do you drink, do you take prescription drugs, do you wear your seat belt, do you speed and if you are elected, do you promise not to do these things – or to do what you should and not to do what you shouldn’t?”. As I commented to Jim, that was a stupid combination of questions to ask (video link here – thanks Matt)

Johnny Wyatt was a close friend of mine and I would much prefer that we remember Johnny Wyatt for what he did for the children of Bossier City and for the citizens of Bossier City instead of remembering him for one mistake he made for which he suffered the ultimate consequences”. — Sammy Wyatt

This shows character and respect for a friend.

I also think that Sammy’s time in the private sector may give him a slightly different perspective than the other candidates who are career law enforcement.

Carl Richard – maybe

I’ve watched Carl’s speeches. If Sammy Wyatt wasn’t my choice, then Carl would be. He has plenty of experience directly in the marshal’s offices for Bossier City and Shreveport. He also seems like a personable guy.

This is a tough call. He has some great ideas on efficiency in the Bossier City office. Carl also has the endorsement of the Shreveport Times, which may help him in some circles but won’t sway my opinion.

Thoughts on Lynn Austin

yeah - i ripped this from Jim @ MyBossier

Aside from being a spammer, anyone who is pushing the “Internet Crimes Task Force” but can accidentally send out 16,000 emails – won’t get my vote.

Let’s be realistic here. I’m in the IT business with a lot of clients. I see this all the time – people who are “in charge” don’t really understand the technology or how to use it. I’d be willing to bet that he didn’t even consider that the emails may would show his Bossier City return address. Lynn probably didn’t even think about his Bossier City Marshall’s office email address at the bottom of the letter sent out – and therein lies the problem.

Anything else he says and even his 30 years of experience are out the window at that point. He pushes for “internet task forces” and can’t even use the technology. Complete fail. Oh yeah – and I’m sure he violated some sort of ethics.

There is also the odd resignation of Gaming Control Board member Jerry Juneau after a report by Matt Sciba of the NWLATPA concerning some campaign help. Do I really care (as a citizen) if Jerry Juneau held a fundraiser? Not really, but it certainly violates some ethics rules. Matt has take some heat on this, but you have to ask yourself – “Why did Jerry resign so quickly?”

yeah - i ripped this from Jim @ MyBossierAbout the only thing I see going for Lynn Austin – his stated position on the 2nd Amendment. Of course, that could be lip service considering his long employment in law enforcement, but at least I like his statement.

“…assures the people that the government works for them and not the other way around…” – Lynn Austin

Videos Credit to Matt Sciba – Northwest Tea Party Alliance