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Williams Campaign Wages War on Women

Screen Shot 2014-11-03 at 5.44.01 PMYou know – I don’t have a vote whatsoever in the Shreveport mayoral race. However, I feel really sorry for my friends across the river. The field of candidates this year leaves a lot to be desired.

Here’s the interesting thing though. Rather than fight on the issues, one of the campaign PAC’s for Democratic state representative Patrick C. Williams has decided to take a decidedly negative turn. Gerry May from KTBS posted an image that shows how the Williams for Mayor supporters have decided to continue waging the Democratic War on Women on Victoria Provenza.

I would expect that from the side of a Democratic politician. What I don’t expect it from are the so-called “conservatives” who are helping the Williams campaign. Shame on you guys for even associating yourself with such tactics. Many of the same faces are in the game doing to the same tactics that have resulted in more than one failed campaign for some good candidates. You know who you are.

Fight with the facts. Fight with the issues. Fight with experience.

Screen Shot 2014-11-03 at 5.47.46 PM

Provenza also claims (via Facebook Messenger) that she has custody of her children, and that KTBS has knowledge and documentation of that fact. However, according to her the TV station “has an agenda.” I requested a copy of that order, but Victoria claims that she has filed a libel suit against KTBS.

“At this point it’s in the hands if [sic] the attorneys.” — Victoria Provenza via Facebook Messenger

The truth is Victoria Provenza can put herself in enough hot water – such as with her now infamous KTBS interview. However, to be fair, she claims (via Facebook messenger) that there was about 4 hours of interview footage that was heavily edited. That may or may not be true, but Victoria should have avoided that trap.

UPDATE: Just chatted with Jim Wells from the MyBossier blog – he checked the court records. As of right now, there is NO LAWSUIT filed against KTBS. This race is literally crazy now. – Shreveport, LA News, Weather and Sports    

The 2014 Shreveport Mayoral Race might just go down in history as one of the oddest fields of candidates in the history of the race, but of course, the 2010 race was a little odd too.  

Video Post – Tom Cat

Another video blog with Rex Moncrief. This time I discuss a TomCat video, bias in opinion blogging, and other issues surround the judical race in Bossier and Webster parishes between Mike Nerren and Whit Graves. Oh yeah – and I clarify that I live in Bossier City – not Shreveport.


Duke and the lawsuit

As reported by KTBS and the MyBossier blog, there is a pretty good situation going between conservative District 8 candidate Duke Lowrie and trial attorney Jeff Thompson.

First, let me address the on-going comment thread on Jim’s blog. It’s no secret that Jim has endorsed Duke Lowrie and so have I. It stands to reason that Jim’s posts would naturally be slanted towards Duke and slightly biased against Jeff Thompson. However, I’ve always known Jim to be a fair and straight-up guy in his articles by allowing opposing points of view.

With that said, everyone should keep in mind that Jim’s blog is….well….his blog. It’s not a public arena except for the fact that it is accessible from the public internet. He has every right to edit or remove any comments that he wants. If any of his readers don’t like it, then they should start their own blog. It takes about 5 minutes or less and is completely free.

As all of you know I absolutely support Duke Lowrie and have designed and built his website plus offered tech support for his campaign.

Now let’s discuss the Duke Lowrie lawsuit against trial attorney Jeff Thompson. According to the Duke Lowrie campaign and the suit, Jeff Thompson breached attorney-client privilege with the flyer. Duke is not seeking money damages – simply a retraction.

Why the breach of attorney-client privilege? During Duke’s run-in with the city, he was singled out for padding his time during training – hence Jeff Thompson’s claim of lying. Well by definition that is true since Duke claimed an additional 2 hours of time, but that was standard practice. During the conflict with Bossier, Duke sought the counsel of Jeff Thompson.

Here is the double-edged sword. Rather than publicizing this on his website, Facebook, and in a news interview, the chosen tactic was a lawsuit. This presents 2 problems. (1) Many people are seeing this as a “frivolous” lawsuit and (2) these past issues are brought to the fore-front. There is no getting around that Duke’s time was padded and he was suspended.

What is the upside? Jeff Thompson gets called out. The good ole boys aren’t used to that. Those who share a disdain of trial lawyers as politicians will view this an a “typical underhanded lawyer attempt to discredit.”

Jeff has now stated to KTBS that the information was gathered from a FOIA. He also said he was not Duke’s attorney. There are some who said those records were destroyed in a flood and aren’t accessible.

That’s where the plot thickens, and unfortunately – the sideshow continues.


UPDATE:  The lawsuit has been posted by I’ve uploaded a copy to my blog but full credit due to Forward-Now.

Click here to read it.