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Millionaire’s Tax Rant

As many of you know, Facebook provides a fertile ground for political and economic debate. This one ended up pretty good, so I’m posting it here. You can read the full thread by reading the image at the bottom of this article.

Calvin Ben Lester: How can you be seriously for deficit reduction and give a trillion dollar tax break for the top 15% of the country? Vote no for unemployment benefits but yes for tax breaks for Millionaires? C’MON SON!

Calvin Ben Lester: So the Bush tax cuts have had what effect on the unemployment rolls exactly??? Can’t seriously attack defecit without dealing with revenues and expenditures.

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Rex Moncrief: Thats funny – when you look at this graph and the fact that the tax cuts were enacted in ’01 and ’03, it looks like there was a downward trend. That’s really odd isn’t it?

It’s also funny how it sharply increased after spending started to jump and the economy fell through..but that’s another story.

Mollie Walton Corbett: Responsible wealthy business people know they should be taxed at a hgher rate and welcome it, people like Bill Gates. The trickle-down economics that would have us believe that tax-cuts for the wealthy translate to jobs for the lower classes make for interesting reading in a recession. The whole damn thing finally imploded, so more of the same old policies is irresponsible.

Bobby Lister: ‎@Rex, unless you hit a gold mine somewhere since the last time I saw you, you should be about in the same shape as the rest of the working class. I dont understand how you champion the Republican ideas such as extending the tax cuts for the wealthy and cutting unemployment, busting up healthcare, lowering the minimum wage, etc. Let me ask you this: You seem to like pretty little graphs and numbers; give me a comparison ( or point me to the right source) between what passing the tax cuts as they stand would cost taxpayers versus what passing tax cuts for just the middle class would cost? I think Mollie has a valid point. I will go even further by saying that wealthy Americans (15% of the population) are “Coporate America” who instead of creating jobs in the American labor force, opt to send the jobs overseas where they can get cheap labor and production costs and rake in huge profits.

Rex Moncrief: @Bobby – first don’t try to guess what “class” I’m in. You see, I don’t think of classes. I think of people who either (a) work or (b) don’t work. It’s that simple. I’d suggest you back off the class warfare crap. It’s a self-fulfilling prophesy and you are trying with all your might to keep the glass running over. Enough already.

@Everyone else:

First, NAFTA was signed by your hero, WJ Clinton. While a Congress of 1/2 idiots passed it, there were a lot of people that were definitely not 100% on board.

Next, there is a core difference in character and morals between those who believe “the rich” should give money to them. Yes, that’s right. If you believe the rich should give more money to the Federal government, then you have your hand stuck out to the nanny state waiting for someone to pass you the plate.

But here is the easy fix to all of this. Why don’t liberal progressives quit being hypocritical morons? If you want to help bring down the deficit by increasing revenues (taxes), then simply start a movement to donate to the government.

That’s right – all the “rich who are willing to pay more” are full of bullshit. They legally CAN pay more – they just WONT when it comes down to the nut-cutting. Neither will any of you who think along the same lines.

It’s called a “Gift to Reduce the Public Debt”. Don’t believe me? Try doing your homework and actually thinking something through the next time:

*Page 92

*Scroll to bottom page

You see, when it comes down to it – you really want to keep your hard-earned income. You just won’t admit it to the like-minded fools around you, because that would cause less chaos. With less chaos would naturally come more order – and some people would have to work harder and beg less.

Any doubt how I feel when people try to tell me (with rhetorical bullshit) how to spend my hard earned money that feeds my family and helps my friends? Go straight to hell and don’t collect that $200 either.


Calvin Lester supports Sarah Palin

calvin lester supports sarah palin

Did Superman fly backwards – and then upside down? Shreveport City Councilman (and proud liberal) Calvin Lester has basically given acceptance to former Governor Sarah Palin.

if you want to run for President, then quit being Governor, and run, like Mrs. Palin. — Calvin Lester via Facebook

Ok – he didn’t exactly say he supported her. However, in a tirade supporting a 2TheAdvocate article, Calvin implied that Sarah did the right thing by resigning as governor of Alaska.

Now, isn’t that in stark contrast to the liberal mantra of a year ago? Sarah was “a quitter” then, but then that wasn’t convenient for an argument.

calvin lester tweets for palin

First Class for Hank’s Race Card

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I love Facebook. You get to see such a “diverse” group of people and their true thoughts. Especially when it comes to politics and especially immigration issues.

Calvin Lester linked over to a Washington Post article about the recent David Vitter ad. No, Vitter wasn’t looking for prostitutes this time. Of course, Calvin almost always falls on the race-baiting side, but here is where it got interesting.

Mark Flowers, from east Texas, commented on Calvins post. This prompted a comment from Hank Miller of Shreveport. Let’s just say the entire thread was a banter back and forth between them.

I wasn’t going to even post – until Hank had to play the race card and the “we stole the country” card, and the first class ticket out of here. How hypocritical. So I replied, because, well,  I can’t stand it.

My reply to the thread:

Personally I think the ad is hilarious from a production standpoint. Does the voting record of Charlie Melancon equal the accusations? If you stretch just a bit, yeah.

However, there are somewhere between 500,000-1,000,000 reasons per year why the ad is spot on concerning the root issue.

There is nothing wrong with immigrants. All of us are immigrants anyway, including all the chip-on-the-should blacks who regularly play that slave race card, and whose ancestors sold them to the Europeans during the slave trading days.

The problem is the illegal immigrants who are an insult to all of the law-abiding immigrants who enter our country every year.