Gun Rights

Pearl MS and Facebook

by rex December 17, 2012 Gun Rights
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Wow. This weekend I created a meme and posted it on Facebook. With the recent murders in NewTown, CT, and the subsequent assault on our 2nd Amendment rights, I felt it prudent to point out what happened. The facts, as they relate to gun rights, are simple. Assistant principal Joel Myrick retrieved his .45 from his […]

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Obama’s Arms Trade Treaty and Gun Rights

by rex July 8, 2012 election 2012
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Many of you may be wondering about the Arms Trade Treaty. I’m sure a lot of you have read emails purporting that the UN (United Nations) would be able to completely circumvent the 2nd Amendment and take all of our guns away. So what is the truth about this possible treaty? Well, first let’s do […]

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Open Season My Ass

by rex June 11, 2012 Gun Rights

Gotta love Bloomberg’s take on this one. They even invoked the Martin-Zimmerman case. Here is my take: Don’t abuse the no-knock warrants and get off the SWAT tactics. Get a damn warrant, clearly identify yourself, and do it the right way – even if that is inconvenient or means some criminals may have time to […]

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Santorum and Guns

by rex January 12, 2012 election 2012

As pointed out by a few “friends”, I left out Rick Santorum and his 2nd Amendment stance. Ok. Fine. Overall Santorum has a pretty good track record. He voted in favor of the 2005 Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act (Bill S 397), he voted against the Clinton Assault Weapons Ban, and against the Brady Bill. […]

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