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Pearl-45-StoppedWow. This weekend I created a meme and posted it on Facebook. With the recent murders in NewTown, CT, and the subsequent assault on our 2nd Amendment rights, I felt it prudent to point out what happened.

The facts, as they relate to gun rights, are simple. Assistant principal Joel Myrick retrieved his .45 from his car and stopped Luke Woodham (murdered 3 people – and wounded 7) at gun point.

 Myrick demanded “Why did you shoot my kids?” to which Woodham replied, “Life has wronged me, sir.”

Unfortunately, I made a typo in my original meme and listed “Pearl River”. I didn’t realize it until this morning, but it had already been shared out by then. Apparently it had been shared out a lot – and reached the community of Pearl.

I’ve received several emails today asking me to correct it. The problem is that I can’t correct the ones that have been copied and shared out. That genie is long out of the bottle.

The other problem is that several people have taken offense to not mentioning the victims in the graphic. I want to make a few things perfectly clear.

(1) The events at Pearl High School are part of history and public record. True enough, they are a sad part of history, and all of us have the deepest sympathies for the families, victims, and community of Pearl. That doesn’t change the fact that it is historical record.

(2) Right now – politicians are trying to exploit the CT shooting in an attempt to take away our God-given right to defend ourselves. By demonstrating that a quick thinking person, who is prepared and armed, can stop a murderer, maybe politicians will pay attention and realize that gun-free zones are just plain stupid.

(3) If you want to read more about the Pearl, MS, shooting and the victims then you can always google it or read Wikipedia’s article.

Let me close by saying there is no “disrespect” towards to the victims of the Pearl High School shooting. Posting a picture of the murderer helps show who this nut really is and what evil looks like. In this case, the evil was stopped by a quick thinking and heroic assistant principal – before it could spread further.

UPDATE 12-18-2012:

Many of the commenters are suggesting that assistant principal Myrick’s actions did nothing to stop the shooter. This runs counter to most of the reports that actually mention Myrick’s actions. According to most reports, the killer still had ammo available. He had already murdered 3 and injured 7, including bludgeoning his mother. Do you honestly think he was going to just go grab some ice cream and call it a day?

The investigators and local media were convinced the killer and others were part of a satanic cult that had plans kill and then flee to Mexico. However, many of you think he was just going to stop because he couldn’t immediately get away? Right.

Also, the Federal Gun Free School Act (1990 & 1994 & 1995) prohibits firearms within 1000′ of a school. There are some exceptions now in various states, but at that point in time Myrick was in a huge gray area with the law.

“Alarmed at the sound of gunfire in the halls of his Pearl, Mississippi, high school, Assistant Principal Joel Myrick ran to his car to retrieve a pistol. The shooter was an armed student who marched through the school firing on his fellow classmates and teachers. The assailant’s efforts to escape the scene ground to a halt when another student used his own vehicle to force the suspect’s white car into the grass, where it spun to a stop. Myrick used the delay to catch up to the armed student and hold him for police. Pearl schools Superintendent Bill Dodson said of Myrick, “We think he’s a hero for keeping more lives from being lost. The young man with the gun still had rounds in the rifle and could have injured other people.” –The Clarion-Ledger, Jackson, MS, 10/2/97

Screen Shot 2012-12-17 at 7.52.39 PM

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  1. My problem with this is the fact that you are questioning whether it will be reported in the mainstream media and making this about “liberal media” hiding the facts. This was reported EVERYWHERE when it happened in ’97. Years ago. Get off your damn agenda and get the facts straight and don’t try to present things as fact when you don’t know what the hell you’re talking about.

    1. Few things with your reply.

      (1) What facts are not correct in my post?
      (2) I might have missed them, but can you point me to where any mainstream media has reported this – as opposed to the attack on weapons? Amazingly, CNN doesn’t mention it at all in their article on the trial. Imagine that?

      (3) My agenda is simple and clear, and I have no problem with an agenda. I’m pointing out the blatant attempts to misrepresent what it takes to offer better security at schools. You can’t stop crazy nutcases. You cannot achieve complete security, BUT you can damn sure do better than huddle the kids in the corner of a classroom waiting to die.

      a·gen·da : A list or program of things to be done or problems to be addressed.

      1.  I don’t see how it’s possible for every school to have an armed staffer. Especially elementary schools, where most of the staff are women, and statistically speaking there are probably not enough elementary school teachers interested in having shooting skills on their teaching resumes for there to be one in every school. Then you get into paying someone to be there all day as an armed guard. $, schools, I think we all know where that is going.

        And since there are enough guns out there now for every american to have one, I assume there are people everywhere already with guns, yet shootings happen  over and over everywhere. Where are all these people with guns when you need them?!

        And, I don’t think overall there will be an increase in the number of people who want a gun. I mean anybody who wants a gun now probably already has one. All you could do to increase the gun presence everywhere is have no gun-free zones, as suggested, and start forcing people who otherwise just would not be interested in owning a gun to carry them.

        I guess you could do that, like at every office somebody has to step up and be the armed one, and maybe a back-up person. Like we have some people trained in CPR and how to use the defibrillator, have the gun trained people. Every office and school and movie theater and mall and park have it’s own little volunteer community police unit, it could work. That way you KNOW you’re protected. You can’t rely on just somebody being around who has a gun, it’s got to be organized a little bit so you know you’re covered.

        I guess this would be easier if everyone just carried their own weapon. I mean the designated armed person might call in sick that day. But then you’re back to kind of forcing everyone to be armed, even if they don’t want the responsibility. Because it is a responsibility to carry a gun, you have to be alert enough at least so someone can’t overpower you and take the gun from you and then use it on others. That’s good though because then everyone would have to work out more and it could help solve the obesity problem.

        Yeah probably everyone at age 18 should start carrying. I think I just solved the elementary school problem, the 18 year olds can get credit for patrolling the elementary schools. What a great idea!

    2. “Out of 687 stories he found on the shootings in Pearl, just 19 made reference to Myrick. Some of those that mentioned him left his gun out of the story. CBS’s Dan Rather, for example, reported, “Myrick eventually subdued the gunman.” How he “subdued” him Rather didn’t say.” it’s not just me. Maybe…just maybe…the media generally doesn’t want to cover something that doesn’t fit the liberal agenda of non self-reliance.

      1. It’s because he did NOT subdue Luke Woodham!! Are you reading what people are telling you?!?!  The shooter had left campus and was on his way to another place when he ran his car into a tree. The asst. principal had to run off campus to his car to get the gun and held him OFF CAMPUS until the cops got there after he wrecked his car into the tree OFF CAMPUS. Is there seriously something wrong with you??

  2. I think you did a great job. It’s the fact that the action of one to take as many human lives as he could was stopped by the quick thinking of , in my eyes, a brave man. I am sorry for the people who lost loved ones but I would think people need to admit it could have been much worse. The article was to point out how have maybe having a few trained, not saying the man in this article was trained or not, people in schools would maybe make people think twice before going on a killing spree.

  3. tracked the picture to here
    seems everything that needs to be said , has been said
    spam, hoax, misinformation…..
    shame,shame, shame

  4. Your info is incorrect…at first you had the wrongly named town but your facts are still incorrect..the shooter was driving away from the scene.  The assistant principals actions did nothing to stop the carnage….

  5. Blah Blah Blah. If the asst principal DID NOT have a gun in his car, would he or any sane person attempt to stop a deranged gunman who just shot several people and was attempting to flee the scene? I would think not. Since he did have a gun he was able to confront and detain the gunman. Criminals will always get a hold of guns or other weapons, so citizens should have the right to arm themselves.

  6.  No because this is bull…it wasn’t Pearl River it was Pearl, MS Actually, he did kill his mother before taking her car to the school and then shot and killed 2 students and was in his car afterwards when the assistant principle stopped him. The reason we haven’t heard as much about him now is that it was long ago (1997–two years before Columbine) and the number of casualties was relatively lower. Only 2 it was on the news tho. There are lots of school shootings we don’t really hear much about. What kept the body count low was not the armed assistant principal. What may have kept the body count lower was that his targets were more specific, or the type of weapon he had. He used a lever action 30 30 imagine if he had access to a semi-automatic assault rifle and hundreds of rounds, actually we dont have to imagine it we just seen it on the news(sad). So it is possible that gun laws that restricted, from 1993-2004, the type of weapon Adam Lanza used, did make a difference in this case. Also worth noting that the assistant principal didn’t need an assault rifle to stop him–he stopped him with a simple pistol. As I read it, this example is another good example of how specific types of gun legislation can be very helpful. Most people calling for gun reform are not talking about taking away that assistant principal’s handgun–they’re talking about taking away the assault rifles used in so many of these senseless killings that allow people to shoot multiple people very quickly. It only takes one bullet to stop the shooter, so a ban on assault rifles won’t harm our ability to take action against shooters like this.

  7. At least get your facts straight.  It was Pearl High School, MS.  And it was in 1997.

  8. This incident is a great example of why further regulation of semi-automatic weapons is needed.  The weapon used here was a lever action weapon.  The time it takes to shoot an reload these weapons surely led to a low casualty rate.  It also allowed the cited assistant principal to gain access to a gun that he was not “out-gunned” by the killer.  Thanks for posting.

  9. I think all of you liberal, nervous pompous fools that are against guns and the protection they provide should maybe start your own colony somewhere in Africa and see how long you last. I do own guns and guess what if there wasn’t gun free zones and soo many laws restricting a man (or woman) to arm themselves, how many of these bloodthirsty murderers would be thinking about how many guns would be aimed at them while they’re looking down the sights. I honestly think the scared and weak society we have today is the reason alot of these nut bags actually carry out their thoughts. So everytime you make a comment or think about how to strip law abiding citizens of any weapon, think about how many children or adults you just killed. Its the simple truth that the only way to stop school shootings or any mass murder is to cut loose of gun free zones. No matter how many cops, security guards or whatever title they hold, its the people in the perpetrators sights that can stop him before it’s too late.

  10. I like how you say this wasnt in the main stream media. If you do a little research before you post something like this, you will learn that it was indeed covered thoroughly. In fact it was on the front cover of the October 3, 1997 People Magazine. I do remember this as would anyone who actually reads. You may fool many who believe everything on the Internet… then again, you may be trying to fool people to suit your cause.

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