Race for the Judge through the Mud

by rex on December 1, 2012

in district 8

What is up with all the anonymous comments on the My Bossier Blog? Doesn’t anyone have a set of nuts anymore?

Ok. Ok.

I guess some of them might lose their jobs or something if they had to come out of the closet, but that’s just crazy. Worried about pissing off the District Attorney? I hope none of you are attorneys that have to represent me.

I’ve been in semi-retirement from blogging, but I’ve never seen this much commentary on a local race. Good grief! Jim Wells has his hands full on his blog with this race.

This race has more commentary than the presidential election – and that’s just sad.

YES we all know how the SCOLA ruled in Whit’s disciplinary action years ago. Big deal. The problem is that the flyer that the Mike Nerren campaign mailed out just reeked of being misleading. It was intentionally designed to cause voters to think that Whit Graves was currently suspended.

For all the anti-Graves people, can you point to SPECIFIC instances where Whit or someone directly associated with his campaign have actually lied? I’m not talking about rhetorical BS – I mean link to some audio/video/printed content which proves it. If you want to say that John Kay or Ann Price did something, then post SPECIFICALLY what they did or said.

At any rate, I also wanted to address Anon @9:00am about the video. I don’t know who created it, but from a technical perspective I hope they weren’t paid. It just wasn’t produced very well at all, has several typos, the text lines scroll too fast, etc. In other words, nobody would pay money for that to be produced.

Since I’ve worked directly with Whit and Robin, I seriously doubt they were involved. Both Robin and Whit have always been very particular about the logo, photos, content on the website, mail-outs, etc. In my opinion, they would not have been involved in anything subpar in quality.

On the other hand, it certainly took time and effort by someone to research the information and create it. I haven’t done the research myself to verify the information, but I certainly applaud the effort. Whoever did it definitely put some time and effort into it’s creation.

No – I didn’t create it. If I had, then my name and logo would have been on it for credit.

Yes – sometimes people will create things without getting paid. Sometimes people do that just on principle – such as my audio/video of Shreveport Mayor Cedric Glover’s “Your rights are Suspended” and the subsequent KTBS and KSLA news coverage of it. It proved a point – and I didn’t get paid at all.

Sometimes you have to put principles above everything else. In this race, a whole lot of anonymous people are just going berserk.

DISCLAIMER: I am the web developer for www.whitgraves.com BUT this article was not endorsed nor suggested by Whit Graves or his campaign.



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