Maya and Slavery

by rex May 30, 2014 racism
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It is kind of true, we didn’t cause a genocide but we did enslave a race of people. — Jay from Facebook We? You have a mouse in your pocket with a time traveling machine? I’m certainly not disputing the evils of slavery but to lump us all with the sins of some of our […]

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Pot or Not – Dr. Fleming

by rex May 10, 2014 drugs
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“…public has never accepted marijuana as a part of our culture,” Fleming argued. I don’t smoke pot. I never have and never will. However, Fleming is just wrong on this point. Maybe he should look back at the history of the “war on drugs” in our country. Regulations on cannabis began during the 1600′s in […]

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Shoot or Not in Fort Bend

by rex May 10, 2014 tragedies

This one is tough. The cops definitely tried to talk, command, and warn him. Mentally ill or not, he had a knife and did charge the officers. Yes – he tripped on the tub BUT he had already committed at that point. Could the cop have made a different decision? Sure – but it was […]

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Why back Cracker Barrel after their mistake?

by rex December 22, 2013 Phil Robertson
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I’m definitely going back to Cracker Barrel. Why? They made a mistake, realized it quickly, and responded correctly to market pressure. In short, they decided not to let a small minority hijack their business. If they had waited longer and/or not listened to the majority of the customers, then I would feel differently. Also, the […]

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